How To Set up Email Filters in cPanel

  1. This tutorial assumes you’ve already logged in to cPanel, and are starting on the home screen.cpanel-paperlantern-6-emailfilters--01
  2. Now let’s setup an email filter.cpanel-paperlantern-6-emailfilters--02
  3. Click the User Filters icon.cpanel-paperlantern-6-emailfilters--03
  4. Then click the “Manage Filters” link next to the email account you want to create a filter for.cpanel-paperlantern-6-emailfilters--04
  5. Then click “Create a New Filter”.cpanel-paperlantern-6-emailfilters--05
  6. Enter a name for the filter.cpanel-paperlantern-6-emailfilters--06
  7. Then specify the rule.cpanel-paperlantern-6-emailfilters--07
  8. Now define an “action” for the rule.cpanel-paperlantern-6-emailfilters--08
  9. In this case, the action is to deliver the email to the inbox.cpanel-paperlantern-6-emailfilters--09
  10. To finish, click the “Create” button.cpanel-paperlantern-6-emailfilters--10
  11. That’s it! The filter has been created.cpanel-paperlantern-6-emailfilters--11
  12. You can always return to this screen to create new filters, or edit or delete existing ones.


How To Enable Spam Protection in cPanel

  1. This tutorial assumes you’ve already logged in to cPanel, and are starting on the home screen.cpanel-paperlantern-7-spam--01
  2. Now let’s learn how to enable spam protection.cpanel-paperlantern-7-spam--02
  3. Click the BoxTrapper icon.cpanel-paperlantern-7-spam--03
  4. Box Trapper protects your inbox from spam by requiring all email senders who aren’t on your Whitelist, to reply to a verification email before you can receive their mail.cpanel-paperlantern-7-spam--04
  5. To enable BoxTrapper for an email address, click “Manage”.cpanel-paperlantern-7-spam--05
  6. Then click the “Enable” button.cpanel-paperlantern-7-spam--06
  7. BoxTrapper has now been enabled for this address. Click “Go Back”.cpanel-paperlantern-7-spam--07
  8. Next you’ll want to configure your BoxTrapper settings. Click the “Configure Settings” link.cpanel-paperlantern-7-spam--08
  9. You can set various options here, including auto-whitelisting for addresses you send email to.cpanel-paperlantern-7-spam--09
  10. Next click “Edit Confirmation Messages”.cpanel-paperlantern-7-spam--10
  11. From here you can edit the standard confirmation messages already setup for you.cpanel-paperlantern-7-spam--11
  12. Next, click “Edit White/Black/Ignore Lists”.cpanel-paperlantern-7-spam--12
  13. From here you can add addresses to your Whitelist, Blacklist, and Ignore list.cpanel-paperlantern-7-spam--13
  14. Once you have BoxTrapper setup the way you want, you’ll notice a huge reduction in spam.cpanel-paperlantern-7-spam--14
  15. Another option for controlling spam is to use SpamAssassin.cpanel-paperlantern-7-spam--15
  16. You can use SpamAssassin in conjunction with BoxTrapper for maximum spam control, or you can use BoxTrapper on its own, or SpamAssassin on its own.cpanel-paperlantern-7-spam--16
  17. Click to Enable SpamAssassin.cpanel-paperlantern-7-spam--17
  18. Then click “Go Back”.cpanel-paperlantern-7-spam--18
  19. You’ll now want to configure SpamAssassin, so click the “Configure” button.cpanel-paperlantern-7-spam--19
  20. From here you can setup your blacklist with email addresses you KNOW are spam …cpanel-paperlantern-7-spam--20
  21. … and can add email addresses to your whitelist … addresses you KNOW are NOT spam.cpanel-paperlantern-7-spam--21


Default Mail Addresses in cPanel

If you manage a domain, sooner or later you are bound to receive e-mail at your domain for an address that does not exist. Most of the time this mail comes from spammers, guessing that “” might be a viable email address at your domain. It might also come from someone mistyping the first part of your legitimate email address.

cPanel handles this mail through the Default Address page.

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