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Optimize resources, reconfigure, or scale up on the fly. Private Cloud, powered by VMware and NetApp, combines streamlined management, simple pricing, and same-day availability with the power, performance, and speed of an enterprise, multi cloud solution.

Whether you're moving to the cloud, looking for secure elasticity for your development team, or are already in a VMware hosted environment but not getting the support you deserve, you’ll find the perfect managed Private Cloud solution at Liquid Web.

  • Fully Managed with 24/7/365 On-Site Support
  • Scalable, Redundant, and Fully Customizable
  • 10 Gb Networking
  • High-Performance NetApp SAN Storage
  • Integrated Acronis Backups Available
  • Free Standard DDoS Protection
  • Same-Day Availability

Fully Supported

We take care of your entire hosting infrastructure, including hardware and the cloud platform itself so you can focus on your VMs and applications.

Predictable Pricing

Buy only the resources you need and scale vCPUs, RAM, and storage as you grow, without having to add additional dedicated hardware.


Private Cloud is built on enterprise hardware with ultra-fast NetApp SAN storage and 10 Gb networking for maximum speed and reliability.


Private Cloud is fully backed by Liquid Web's industry-leading SLAs and The Most Helpful Humans In Hosting®. Help is never more than 59 seconds away.

How Many Resources Do You Need?

VMware Private Cloud is built around a simple resource-based pricing model. Select a plan based on the number of vCPU cores and the amount of RAM and storage you need. Then, as your needs grow, you can scale up each resource individually at any time. There are no per-VM charges and the number of VMs you can deploy is limited only by the resources you have available.

VDC Starting Tier 1
  • 12 vCPUs
  • 32 GB RAM
  • 1,000 GB Storage
Starting at
VDC Starting Tier 2
  • 32 vCPUs
  • 96 GB RAM
  • 1,500 GB Storage
Starting at
VDC Starting Tier 3
  • 64 vCPUs
  • 128 GB RAM
  • 2,500 GB Storage
Starting at

*Pricing reflects a 12-month commitment. Other pricing models available.

Need something custom? Private Cloud is also available on isolated, dedicated hardware.

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Work 1-on-1 with a hosting engineer to analyze your current infrastructure’s performance, security and fault tolerance to identify gaps and additional ways to optimize. Could you save money month after month by switching to Liquid Web’s Private Cloud? Find out, then decide for yourself.

Private Cloud FAQs

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You have a vision. To achieve it, you need a partner with all the technological advantages and a get-it-done attitude. Planning for growth, or already experiencing it? The hosting experts here are ready when you are, to help scale your digital capabilities. Have a particular issue to solve? Let’s talk it out – we love a challenge.

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