Cloud Metal: Cloud convenience and bare metal—combined
High-performance single-tenant servers plus our powerhouse platform

Bare Metal Cloud Benefits

Power. The entirety of your server’s resources are always available when you need them.
Isolation. Your server’s performance and security are never affected by noisy neighbors.
Growth. Jump to more robust hardware minus a costly migration with one-click resizes.

Cloud Metal plans

CPUCoresMemoryStorageTransferMonthly CostHourly Cost
E-2334 @ 3.4GHz416 GB2x 480 GB SSD (RAID-1)10,000$115$0.156Build Now
E-2336 @ 2.9GHz632 GB2x 480 GB SSD (RAID-1)10,000$140$0.192Build Now
6226R (Single) @ 2.9GHz1648 GB1.5 TB SSD (RAID-10)10,000$375$0.514Build Now
6226R (Dual) @ 2.9GHz32128 GB3 TB SSD (RAID-10)10,000$475$0.651Build Now

Bare metal cloud hosting that’s just right


Select the management that suits you

Multiple levels of responsibility and control ensure your hardware, operating system, and applications meet your particular needs.

Handpick your hardware

Know what’s in your server—choose the exact CPU model you want.
Work with an easy-to-use API
Our API was designed with developers in mind. Use it in your dev workflow, autotest software, or integrate our infrastructure into your own hosting service.
Work with an easy-to-use API

A highly flexible solution


Painless scaling

Upgrade your CPU, RAM, and storage without migration challenges and expenses.

Contingency planning

Maintain a path to recovery with available automated backups and snapshots.

Bare metal cloud FAQs

What is bare metal cloud?

Bare metal cloud is a type of cloud computing that adds a virtualization layer to traditional bare metal servers. Bare metal cloud servers combine the benefits of physical servers and cloud servers, offering a completely isolated, single-tenant environment with customizable configurations.

What is Liquid Web Cloud Metal?

Cloud Metal is Liquid Web’s bare metal cloud solution. It’s a single-tenant physical server that uses virtualization to provide the same features available in our Cloud VPS product line. Cloud Metal runs on our Cloud Studio platform.

How much can I expect to pay?

Cloud Metal starts at $115/mo. Prices are based on your unique resource needs. Contact us to learn more.

How do I get started?

Click the “Build” banner and configure your virtual server however you’d like. It’s really that easy!