High Performance Hosting

For many use cases, like eCommerce, when your site or app begins to challenge the resources of a single server, latency or downtime might occur. Especially during high traffic events when your server is under heavy load.

A multi-server High Performance computing solution can help. Using more than one server, bundled with a load balancer, allows your web or app traffic to be distributed across multiple machines, keeping your site performance at its peak.

  • Prevent Downtime Due to Traffic Surges
  • Effortlessly Handle High-Volume Requests
  • Serve More Concurrent Visitors On-Site
  • Maximize Available Resources and Utilization
  • Ideal for eCommerce, Streaming, and Gaming
  • Scale Horizontally as Your Needs Grow
  • Off-Site and Off-Server Backups Available
  • Get Expert Support When You Need It, 24/7/365

How High Performance Hosting Works

Traffic coming to your server first hits a load balancer, which intelligently distributes the traffic between machines.

As the popularity of your site or app grows, you can continue to add additional servers to the environment, thus scaling it horizontally.

This diagram shows a typical High Performance computing setup.

Sample High Performance Environment

2 X Web Dedicated Servers
  • Intel Xeon E3-1230 v5 Quad-Core
  • 2 X 250 GB SSD (Raid 1) Primary Drive
  • 2 X 250 GB SSD (Raid 1) Replicated Drive
1 X Database Dedicated Server
  • Intel Xeon E3-1230 v5 Quad-Core
  • 2 X 250 GB SSD (Raid 1) Primary Drive
Load Balancer
  • Stingray Shared Load Balancer
  • 1 Virtual IP
Managed Services
  • Managed File Replication
Private Switch
  • 8 Port Gigabit Switch

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