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Managed Hosting Services for Growing Businesses

Scaling your business is easier at Liquid Web. Our Managed Hosting products are robust enough for organizations of every size, from early-stage startups to mature companies that need enterprise hosting environments.

Our Products


Customizable single-tenant
traditional servers.

Starting at $149/mo

  • Hassle-Free Migrations
  • Monitored in Real-Time
  • DDoS Protection


Cloud Studio is perfect for your next big idea

Cloud hosting engineered for high performance


Managed WordPress

Performance-tuned for WordPress sites.


Managed WooCommerce

An all-in-one solution for high-performing WooCommerce stores.


Magento Cloud

Feature-rich and ready for commerce.


VMware Private Cloud

Scalable VMware Private Cloud hosting on multi-tenant or dedicated infrastructure.

Server Clusters

Custom-built hosting platforms for your business needs.

High Performance

Distribute web traffic across servers to minimize latency.

High Availability

Multi-server environments to minimize downtime.

Database Hosting

Reliable hosting for mission-critical databases.


Compliant hosting for the healthcare industry.

Managed Windows Hosting

Customizable hosting built for Microsoft Windows and SQL Server projects.

Private VPS Parent

Deploy VPS on your own private server.

Custom Solutions Available

If you're working on a complex project, don't go at it alone. Our hosting advisors can work with you to build the ideal solution for your most demanding projects.

Common Use Cases

  • Multi-Site Hosting
  • Sites, Stores & Blogs
  • Resource-Hungry Apps
  • Compliance
  • Database Hosting
  • Resellers

High performance VPS with root access.


Customizable single-tenant traditional servers.

Cloud Servers

Rapidly deploy scalable cloud hosting for your site or app.

VMware Private Cloud

Scalable VMware Private Cloud hosting on multi-tenant or dedicated infrastructure.

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At Liquid Web, Every Project is Considered Mission-Critical

Tell the experts at Liquid Web what you’re trying to achieve, and we’ll find the exact hosting option or customized plan that gets you there. Need room to grow? We’ll build scalability into that plan. Here, there are no limits.