Storage & Backup Add-Ons

Backup and Recover

Backups Save the Day

Backups are more than just a good idea - they’re a business requirement. Data loss and unplanned downtime affect businesses of all sizes every day — adding up to over $1.7 trillion dollars annually. The only way to ensure your business is protected is with a comprehensive backup solution you can rely on in the case of disaster. We offer several backup strategies with multiple layers of protection, painless recovery options, and flexible scheduling.

  • Multiple Layers of Protection
  • Easy Whole System Recovery
  • Control Your Scheduling Options

Cloud Server Backups

Our Cloud Servers offer you the power of dedicated server hosting with the flexibility of cloud hosting - and comes with a whole suite of basic and enterprise level backup features. These backup solutions work with our whole platform of Cloud Hosting products.


(on Managed Servers)

Account-Level Backups
Backups on Your Schedule
Full-Server Backups
Automatic Daily Backups
On-Demand Backups
Whole Server Restoration
Bare-Metal Restoration of Full Server Image
Physically Isolated Storage
Cost Free
Cloud Server Backups

Account-Level Backups
Backups on Your Schedule
Full-Server Backups
Automatic Daily Backups
On-Demand Backups
Whole Server Restoration
Bare-Metal Restoration of Full Server Image
Physically Isolated Storage
Cost Starting at $12/mo

(on Managed Servers)

Cloud Server Backups

Account-Level Backups
Backups on Your Schedule
Full-Server Backups
Automatic Daily Backups
On-Demand Backups
Whole Server Restoration
Bare-Metal Restoration of Full Server Image
Physically Isolated Storage
Cost Free Starting at $12/mo

To order, login to Manage, select your existing server, and click “backup.” Backups can be configured for new servers as you order.

How Acronis Works

Looking for Dedicated Server Backups?

Acronis Cyber Backups provide ultimate protection

Two levels of backup protection are available for Liquid Web Dedicated servers. The first, a local backup drive, is included with every Dedicated server.

For a more robust solution, you can add Acronis Cyber Backups for external, encrypted backup storage. Acronis Cyber Backups are 2X faster, require virtually no server resources, and provide ransomware and malware protection.

*Service is currently available only for Dedicated Servers and Private Cloud.

Cloud Storage Add-Ons

Where the Cross Roads of Flexibility and Convenience Meet

Object Storage

Highly Available Object Storage in the Cloud

Object Storage delivers a durable, secure, highly available solution for storage needs of virtually any size. By providing direct access via a simple API call and replacing the need to rely on additional servers for dedicated storage, it also offers a cost-effective option for many projects that can benefit from its streamlined architecture.

Object Storage Features
  • Highly Redundant, 3-Copy Storage
  • Amazon S3-compliant APIs
  • Easy Per-Gig Pricing Model
  • No Hidden Fees
Flat Per-Gig Storage Pricing

No Bandwidth or Request Fees

Reliable Cloud Storage

If your data is vital to the performance of your site or development project, its important to consider your storage options and not leave any detail to chance. Redundant and highly available, 3-copy storage ensures that any amount of data that you need to store is ready to be directly accessed at a moments notice. Additionally, our 24/7/365 Support and industry leading SLA guarantee rock-solid, 100% Network uptime and that a knowledgeable technician is available at a moment’s notice whenever you require assistance.

Block Storage

Highly Available Block Storage in the Cloud

Block Storage adds a layer of unprecedented versatility and scalability to any application. By giving you the freedom to create and move block storage volumes completely separated from your instances within just a few clicks, we’ve created a storage product that adds even more flexibility to your cloud infrastructure.

Object Storage Features
  • Create & Destroy Storage as Needed
  • Highly Available & Redundant Storage
  • Grow up to 15 TB in Seconds
  • Choose the Exact Size You Require
  • No Bandwidth or IOPs Charges

Create a Block Storage Volume

Available from 5 GB to 15 TB
Deploy Instant Storage Volumes

Block Storage makes it easier than ever to create an exceptional amount of storage. This creates an ideal solution for critical data that requires high resiliency, as SBS® volumes are easily portable between servers and allow you to recover from a single server failure very quickly.

In the event of failure, the volume can be attached to a new server immediately without having to wait for recovery or data to copy to the new server.

Not Quite Sure? We’re Here to Help!

Talk With a Managed Hosting Advisor Now.

800.580.4985 (1.517.322.0434)

Log Storage

Centralized Log Storage in the Cloud

Server logs provide a great deal of useful data that can be instrumental to the diagnosis of current and historical server issues. Log Storage allows you to store, monitor and manage your server logs. This useful management tool provides an easy-to-use interface to view, search, analyze and manage logs from your entire infrastructure, in one place. Our experienced technicians can help you set up Log Storage and get it integrated, optimally, for your hosting environment, as well as continuing to support it with our full scope of management for as long as you choose to utilize it.


  • Manage Logs in a Centralized Environment
  • Isolate and Analyze Trends
  • Improve and Fine-Tune Searching Ability
  • Stop Potential Issues Before They Occur

How Does it Work?

We have combined the most useful elements of several different applications to help provide a centralized location to store all of your log files. Logs are transmitted to this repository, directly, from any location(s) you choose to include, and are processed and stored. The stored logs are then available for enhanced search, management, or analysis via an easy-to-use front end interface.

Is It Right For Me?

The ability to quickly search and manage logs provides a tremendous utility for users with environments that generate a large number of events. Customers that have used Log Storage have noticed how much easier it has made many tasks, including identifying potential issues following development, quickly finding and repairing problems, spotting trends in usage, as well as any number of additional jobs that are aided by enhanced access and control over logs. If you utilize CentOS, Debian, or Ubuntu on your Linux server and you're curious how Log Storage may be able to help optimize your server's operation, do not hesitate to contact our knowledgeable staff for additional details regarding your specific needs.

Log Storage Pricing


1GB/day 30 Days
2GB/day 30 Days
5GB/day 30 Days
10GB/day 30 Days

1GB/day $75/mo
2GB/day $145/mo
5GB/day $250/mo
10GB/day $400/mo
Avg. Volume


1GB/day 30 Days $75/mo
2GB/day 30 Days $145/mo
5GB/day 30 Days $250/mo
10GB/day 30 Days $400/mo

*Archival storage available upon request

Storage Area Network (SAN)

Centrally Store Your Data

The Liquid Web fully managed Storage Area Network (SAN) is a highly scalable and fault-tolerant central network storage cluster for your critical data. Our SAN connects directly to your servers using extremely fast, low latency Gigabit Ethernet connections. This allows customers to transfer data sequentially, or parallel, without affecting the performance of the host server. We offer multiple redundant enterprise class disk arrays as well as an option for Managed File Replication for maximum protection and reliability of your critical data.

  • Check MarkMultiple Server Access to Shared Storage
  • Check MarkDual Power & Redundant Connectivity
  • Check MarkScalable without Service Interruption

MultiPath I/O Available

MPIO improves fault tolerance and increases performance by providing more than one physical path between your server and its mass storage device.

Built on Enterprise Class Hardware

Liquid Web SAN solutions are built on NetAPP AFF hardware and reside on our premium Liquid Web Network, ensuring the highest performance for your storage infrastructure

The Liquid Web SAN is Ideal For:

  • Media Libraries
  • Backup Archives
  • High Usage File Servers
  • and More!
Storage Area Network

“We utilize a dedicated Windows server with Liquid Web’s ‘fully managed’ plan to host multiple sites...Liquid Web has gone beyond the scope of conventional support many times to try and figure out coding and scripting issues that we’ve encountered, without charge...(They are) an integral part of our business model, contributing to a site that runs smoothly”

Michelle Friedman, Medical Scrubs Collection