Managed WordPress Hosting

If your site is mission-critical, this is what you've waited for.


Stop worrying about plugin updates

While many hosts update your WordPress installation, they leave your plugins alone. After all, who wants to be responsible for your site if two plugins conflict with each other. We do! We now automatically update all your plugins in a separate environment to make sure there's no conflicts. If everything looks good, we update your production site.

Compressed images speed up your site

We understand what it's like to have a site built, only to find out your site speed becomes slower after you've started to use it. Most of the time, this is due to the size of the images you upload. This is why we've built a way to compress all your images to keep your site fast.


Get started with new development quickly

Use the same plugins and themes when starting a project? Save time by starting your next project with a Stencil. When used, Stencils apply the plugins and themes you saved to your new site so they are installed, activated and ready to go.

Managed Multiple Sites with Ease

We partnered with iThemes to provide you with iThemes Sync Pro. With it you're able to:

  • Monitor site uptime/downtime
  • Track and View Google Analytics Data
  • Check the SEO status of posts
  • Control what clients see in wp-admin

With iThemes Sync Pro, you're able to manage all of the sites you run from a single location.


Why Choose Liquid Web Managed WordPress?

We've engineered the best WordPress hosting platform to making hosting simple. We'll focus on the hosting infrastructure and you can focus on growing your site. Find out what makes us the best choice for your mission-critical WordPress sites.

  • No overage fees, traffic limits, or metered pageviews.
  • Worry free automatic plugin updates with visual comparisons.
  • Image Optimization plugin included to improve page-speed!
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Managed WordPress Hosting

We believe the best partnership for your business is your hosting provider. After all, you rely on your hosting provider to be secure, stable and have around the clock support. Businesses trust Liquid Web because of our excellent track record with hosting mission-critical WordPress sites.

No Pageview/Traffic Limits

Tired of getting charged for pageview counts or overage fees? We never charge for pageview counts or overage fees.

Full Server Access

Most hosts limit the type of access to the server. Instead we give you full access to both the database and the server.

No Annoying Phone Calls

Many hosts have a regular plan for upsells. If you're running a business, it's the last thing you want. It's also one of the last things we'll do.

Automatic Daily Backups

We take daily backups and store them offsite for 30 days. Want to restore or download them? It's just a click of a button!

Staging Site

It's important to test your site prior to going to live. You get a staging site to be able to do any testing prior to making any changes live.

Secure Infrastructure

One of the benefits of hosting all our sites in datacenters that we own is that we can manage and protect everything without a middle man.

Automatic SSL

Every single site you order from us comes with its own SSL certificate without any additional cost to you. No configuration, no hassle.

Amazing Speed

Our platform is built on the latest technologies PHP7, SSL and Nginx to improve WordPress speed. We also include Varnish caching for everyone.

Around the Clock Support

Many hosts lock you into a ticket system. Our team of experts are available around the clock 24/7/365 by phone, email and chat.

Fully Managed WordPress

We take care of updating WordPress for you so you don't need to. Stop dreading those releases. We've got your back.

Developer Tools

SSH, Git, and WP-CLI are a developer's friend. That's why we ensure that your developer will have access to them on any site you order.

More than WordPress

We don't just do WordPress. Got a project that needs a database server or special application? We can work with you to build something unique.

Have a question about Managed WordPress?

We’re Focused on Web Professionals, Like You.

We recognize that companies who sites are powering their business know their success is tied to more than just infrastructure. They want a team who is always on, always vigilant and always there to help. That’s us...we’re your team. Monitoring your servers, mitigating risk, optimizing performance. And if you need support, with one of our technicians quickly and on your first contact. Everything we do is about being that partner you can trust.

That’s why Liquid Web is the most loved managed hosting provider in the industry with a leading NPS score of 71.


Managed WordPress Pricing

Better hosting is just a few clicks away. Find a plan that fits exactly what you need today, and automatically upgrade at any time to host more sites.



  • iThemes Sync not included



  • iThemes Sync included
Best Seller



  • iThemes Sync included



  • iThemes Sync included
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My Site Loads 5 Times Faster. Not all managed WordPress hosts are created equal. I migrated my blog to Liquid Web, and it now loads 5 times faster than on my previous managed WordPress host!

Shawn Hesketh / Creator /


How Liquid Web Stacks Up

Liquid Web





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