Hosting Add-Ons

Engineered for Peace of Mind

We include security, the performance-enhancement of a CDN and DDoS protection - and we include them at no charge. Why? Because we know they are that important.  Your success is our business.

Need even more power and protection? Each of these add-ons can be enhanced, changed, or added on to with a wide selection of products that cover all your needs, from an SSL or domain registration to PCI Compliance Scanning and Firewalls with VPN.

Protect your important data with our storage & backup options, including SAN & Acronis Cyber backups.

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Acronis Cyber Backups

Our external backup solution provides encrypted incremental and full-server backups, stored safely in the cloud.

Learn About Acronis Cyber Backups

Cloud Backups

Automatic daily or on-demand backups keep your server’s data physically isolated for maximum security.

Learn About Cloud Backups

Storage Area Network (SAN)

Keep your critical data in a Liquid Web SAN, a highly scalable and fault tolerant network storage cluster.

Learn About SAN

Cloud Block Storage

Add flexibility to your cloud infrastructure by creating movable blocks of storage that easily handle big data.

Learn About Cloud Block Storage

Log Storage

Log Storage allows you to store, monitor, and manage your server logs.

Learn About Log Storage

Cloud Object Storage

Highly redundant and cost-efficient object storage frees up space to any server and accessible via API calls.

Learn About Cloud Object Storage

Security & Compliance Add-Ons

Solid security is essential when it comes to web hosting. Whether you're securing your site with an SSL, filtering for spam, or more - we've got you covered.

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Firewalls & VPN

Ensure business resiliency by protecting your servers from malicious Internet traffic.

Learn About Firewalls & VPN

DDoS Attack Prevention

Real-time monitoring mitigates traffic to shield your website and server from sudden attacks.

Learn About DDoS Attack Prevention

Compliance Assistance

Protect your customer's sensitive data with the most secure hardware and software, crafted to your business.

Learn About Compliance Assistance

Data Protection

We can help you protect your site and ensure it stays protected, giving you more time to focus on your business.

Learn About Data Protection

Server Protection

Hardened configurations provide time-saving modifications to your OS enhancing security, reliability, and compatibility.

Learn About Server Protection

Web Application Protection

A web application firewall requires no additional hardware and delivers stability to web applications with customizable rules.

Learn About Web Application Protection

Alert Logic Security & Compliance Suite

Protect your hosted infrastructure with a comprehensive, end-to-end security and compliance solution.

Learn About Alert Logic Security & Compliance Suite

Threat Stack Oversight Intrusion Detection System

Protect your Liquid Web server with an advanced Threat Monitoring and Intrusion Detection System.

Learn About Threat Stack

Get your content in front of your visitors faster. A CDN provides nodes across the globe to minimize the distance between your content and your visitors.

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CloudFlare CDN

Speed up your website by serving site content from worldwide servers located close to your visitors.

Learn About CloudFlare CDN

Load Balancers

Increase the reliability and performance of your web application with load balances that route traffic across multiple resources during high activity.

Learn About Load Balancers

Akamai CDN

Minimizes the geographic distance between your visitors and your website's server for quicker page time loads, increasing your customers’ experience.

Learn About Akamai CDN

From server management, configurations, or even Reseller tools. Take control of your servers with WHM + cPanel, InterWorx, Plesk, iThemes and WHMCS.

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InterWorx Unlimited Recommended

A powerful control panel that makes it simple for hosting providers, resellers, and website owners to manage their web hosting and servers.

Learn About InterWorx Unlimited


Administer your hosting setup from Liquid Web and easily manage your content and administration level maintenance.

Learn About WHM/cPanel


User-friendly interface and tools make developing, securing and maintaining sites a breeze while providing system-level control.

Learn About Plesk


Resellers of Liquid Web can now offer more packages to their clients through the powerful WHMCS plugin.

Learn About WHMCS


Exclusively bundled tools offer security, automatic backups and updates to manage multiple WordPress sites at once.

Learn About iThemes

Number of accounts may be restricted by server resources.

Database Hosting

Take your Microsoft SQL Database performance to the next level. With a dedicated database service, your Applications can unlock new levels of performance.

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Microsoft SQL Hosting

Microsoft SQL provides flexible licensing, feature-rich database services, and a highly scalable architecture.

Learn About Microsoft SQL Hosting

Microsoft SQL as a Service

A robust, scalable, high availability database solution that reduces overhead on your primary server to improve overall performance.

Learn About Microsoft SQL as a Service

Looking for a fully-managed email solution? Our Premium Business Email service provides top of the line spam filtering, and infrastructure built for growth.

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