Web Application Protection

Protecting Your Data One Byte at a Time

Protection for Websites and Web Applications

We realize how important your website is. When it comes to security, it's not only your source of livelihood that is at stake, but also your reputation. Critical business relationships rely on your site to secure the confidential data stored online. With special attention to web application protection, we have curated packages to protect you from hacking disasters.

Fulfill your security needs with our Web Protection Package.

Web Protection Package

Web-focused protection and performance

  • CloudFlare® Web Application Firewall
  • Malware Cleanup/Remediation

*Available on Fully Managed Servers only

A La Carte Services

Our DDoS Mitigation, CloudFlare Web Application Firewall, and Malware Cleanup services form a sturdy security bundle that protects your website from hackers. However, you can also add on any of these services to your pre-existing security infrastructure for a truly tailored security infrastructure experience.


CloudFlare® Web Application Firewall

Self-managed WAFs quickly become outdated and require hours of professional expertise to update rules regularly. CloudFlare’s WAF helps you stay ahead of attacks by automatically updating when new security vulnerabilities are released.





Globally load balanced content delivery network (CDN)
Automatic static content caching
IPv6 Compatibility and gateway
Always Online™
Rocket Loader
Mirage Image optimization
Polish Image optimization
Mobile optimization
SPDY Support
Reputation-based threat protection
Comment spam protection
Content scraping protection
Block visitors by IP range or country
Deploy collective intelligence of CloudFlare community to identify new threats
Notify visitors on how to clean their infected machine
SSL Encryption
SSL Encryption type
SSL optimization
Web Application Firewall with built-in rule set
Advanced DDoS mitigation
Analytics and Control
Analytics for traffic to your site(threats, search engine crawlers and visitors) Updated every 24 hours Updated every 1 hour Updated every 15 minutes Updated every 15 minutes
Page Rules 3 10 10 10
Client interface API
Easy integration

Malware Cleanup/Remediation

Customers subscribing to our Protection and Remediation Services receive unlimited proactive scanning and malware cleanup for their environments. Those who don’t take advantage of this security offer can still sign up for malware cleanup on a per-incident basis.

*Available on Fully Managed Servers only


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