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Master Server Management With a Control Panel

By leveraging the power of a Control Panel on your Liquid Web server, you can take server configuration into your own handsBoth WHM/cPanel and Plesk provide users with easy-to-use interfaces for controlling basic server and site management.
When using a WHM/cPanel server, you can utilize the full feature set of WHMCS to automate reselling. Support for using Plesk servers with WHMCS is provided with an optional module. To learn more about these Software Add Ons, read through the pages below!
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WHM and cPanel Control Panel

Using WHM/cPanel allows you to manage both general server configurations and website specific options. The two interfaces seamlessly work together to allow even new users to manage a server. The WHM interface enables easy management of Server Administration, while the cPanel interface provides site specific management.
Learn more about how WHM and cPanel can improve your hosting experience!

Plesk Control Panel

Plesk Onyx is more than just another server Control Panel. Plesk provides a user-friendly interface and an plethora of useful tools making development a breeze.  With the latest version there's a clear focus on providing developers the tools they need. Things like Node.JS, Ruby, Git and more are fully integrated out of the box.
With Plesk and Liquid Web you'll be setup for success! Learn more on our Plesk product page.
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WHCMS – Reseller Billing & Automation

Are you looking to resell web hosting services? Do you already use WHM/cPanel based servers? WHMCS will make reselling your WHM based Liquid Web servers super easy!
WHMCS is an additional software suite that integrates with WHM to allow for automating various areas of reselling. Connecting WHMCS to a WHM server allows for automating billing, account creation and more.
Read over our WHMCS page to get started with WHMCS and reselling!