Cloud VPS: Your resources, your software, your choice
Flexible, instant cloud environments that can be scaled up or down to meet your needs.

Cloud Vps Benefits

Scaling. Easily adjust your resources to handle increased traffic during holidays and promotions.
Streamlining. Our API and integration tools allow your growth to be automated and seamless.
Cost. Incremental pricing ensures your hosting expenses grow steadily—no surprise bills here.

Cloud VPS plans

CPUMemoryStorageTransferMonthly CostHourly Cost
11 GB30 GB1,000 GB$5$0.007Build Now
12 GB60 GB2,000 GB$10$0.014Build Now
24 GB80 GB3,000 GB$15$0.021Build Now
26 GB120 GB4,000 GB$20$0.027Build Now
48 GB240 GB5,000 GB$40$0.055Build Now
412 GB320 GB6,000 GB$60$0.082Build Now
616 GB440 GB7,000 GB$80$0.110Build Now
624 GB540 GB8,000 GB$110$0.151Build Now
832 GB640 GB10,000 GB$160$0.219Build Now

A platform as nimble as you are


Get the power you need without the hassle

Scale your resources up or down any time—without the pain of moving between solutions.
Fast provisioning

Launch fast

Quick provisioning ensures your Cloud VPS is ready for action within minutes of buying.
Automate your workflows
Plans with gradual resource increases and powerful integrations are a great match for a variety of workflows.
Automate your workflows

Rock-solid cloud VPS hosting


High availability

Our network and power uptime SLA ensure that all major routing devices in our network are reachable 100% of the time.

Peace of mind

Backups and disaster recovery solutions let you protect your data and restore your server after a catastrophic event.

Cloud VPS FAQs

What is Cloud VPS?

Cloud VPS consists of a virtual private server (VPS) on scalable cloud infrastructure. At Liquid Web, Cloud VPS runs on our Cloud Studio platform—an elastic solution that lets you scale between products as your needs change. Our cloud VPS solutions have granular and scalable resources.

Which is better: Fully managed VPS hosting or Cloud VPS hosting?

It depends on your needs and goals! Fully managed VPS hosting comes in a pre-bundled offering with backups, control panels, and other important features included. By contrast, Cloud VPS customers only opt into the features they want. If you know exactly what you need, Cloud VPS empowers you to purchase it—no more, no less. Contact us now to learn which VPS solution is best for you.

Is Cloud VPS managed or unmanaged?

Cloud VPS is designed to be a powerful unmanaged solution, but you can opt into management services if you’d like.

How can I get started

To get started, click the “Build” banner and choose which features and resources you’d like. If you’re not sure, you can always start with a VPS “slice” and resize as your needs change.