High Availability Hosting

Why Choose High Availability Hosting?

Server uptime and site availability are high hosting priorities for every business. But for those that generate revenue from their web presence, ensuring reliability is paramount. Any amount of unexpected downtime comes at a cost, and hardware failure is the most common contributor. Fortunately, it's also preventable. You can insulate your business — protecting your revenue and reputation — by adding redundancy to your hardware environment.

A high availability (HA) hardware environment accomplishes that by assigning a floating IP address and adding a second physical server, data replication to keep them in sync, and a failover mechanism. In the event of a hardware failure, the second server takes over and your traffic continues to flow with minimal interruption. A high availability solution also makes it possible to perform zero-downtime upgrades.

Protect Your Business from Unexpected Downtime

  • Ideal for eCommerce, SaaS, and Mission-Critical Sites
  • Prevent Downtime from Hardware Failure
  • Replication Keeps Data in Sync Between Your Servers
  • Automatic Resource Monitoring and Fast Failover
  • Perform Upgrades and Maintenance Without Downtime
  • 100% Network and Power Uptime Guarantees
  • Off-Site and Off-Server Backups Available
  • Get Expert Support When You Need It, 24/7/365

How High Availability Hosting Works

High Availability Hardware Environment

  • DRBD®: Distributed Replicated Block Device allows your data to be mirrored between the servers and remain continuously in sync
  • Heartbeat: Heartbeat provides cluster infrastructure services such as resource monitoring and messaging to facilitate failover and keep your business online

Business Cases

  • eCommerce
  • SaaS
  • Application server
  • Mission-critical sites

For a database-specific configuration, explore our High Availability Database Hosting.

High Availability

High Availability Solutions and Pricing

Business Class Config

  • eCommerce Sites
  • SaaS and Application Hosting

Cisco 5506-X Firewall
8 Port Gigabit Switch

E5-1650 v4
Software RAID1 250GB SSD Drives
Hardware RAID10 4x 250GB SSD Drives

500 GB Acronis Cyber Backup Quota

HA Hardware Environment Management Service

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From $1,448/mo

(+$400 One Time Setup Fee)

Enterprise Class Config

  • Large eCommerce with large catalogs
  • Large-scale Applications and SaaS providers

Cisco 5515-X Firewall
8 Port Gigabit Switch

E5-2650 v4
Software RAID1 Enterprise 480GB SSD Drives
Hardware RAID10 4x Enterprise 480GB SSD Drives

1 TB Acronis Cyber Backup Quota

HA Hardware Environment Management Service

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From $2,788/mo

(+$400 One Time Setup Fee)

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