Acronis Cyber Backups

Secure Your Data with Acronis Cyber Backups

Liquid Web's Acronis Cyber Backups provide cloud backups with a self-service portal for easy backup configuration, management and restoration. Acronis Cyber Backups can be stored off-server in the Liquid Web Cloud, or off-site in Acronis Backup Cloud, and encryption is available with either option.

Data loss can be catastrophic to a business. Not only can it affect customer perception, but it can also open you up to unnecessary legal hurdles. A sound disaster recovery plan includes a proactive plan to keep critical data backed up and secure. That way, in the event of any data loss, you know you’re covered.

While many Liquid Web servers come standard with local backups, our Acronis services provide maximum data security with off-server storage.

  • Off-Server Backup Storage
  • Fully Encrypted Backups Available
  • Ransomware Protection
  • At Least 2X Faster Recovery
  • Near-Zero Impact on Server Resources
  • Shortest Backup Window Possible

Activate Acronis Cyber Backups

Pricing and Storage Options

You can choose to store your external server backups in the Liquid Web Cloud (our Data Centers) or the Acronis Backup Cloud (Acronis Data Centers).

Both destinations provide the same encrypted backup options, off-server protection for your backups, and utilize the same self-service portal for configuration, management, and restoration.

Acronis Cyber Backups have a base price of $10/mo, in addition to quota pricing found below.

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Compare Acronis Cyber Backups with Local Backups

To add Acronis Backups to your Liquid Web server, log into your account, select your server, and select "Acronis Cyber Backups" from the Backups section. If you need assistance, please refer to our Help Center article or call or chat with an agent.

* - Depending on control panel

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