How To Set up Email Filters in cPanel

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  1. This tutorial assumes you’ve already logged in to cPanel, and are starting on the home screen.cpanel-paperlantern-6-emailfilters--01
  2. Now let’s setup an email filter.cpanel-paperlantern-6-emailfilters--02
  3. Click the User Filters icon.cpanel-paperlantern-6-emailfilters--03
  4. Then click the “Manage Filters” link next to the email account you want to create a filter for.cpanel-paperlantern-6-emailfilters--04
  5. Then click “Create a New Filter”.cpanel-paperlantern-6-emailfilters--05
  6. Enter a name for the filter.cpanel-paperlantern-6-emailfilters--06
  7. Then specify the rule.cpanel-paperlantern-6-emailfilters--07
  8. Now define an “action” for the rule.cpanel-paperlantern-6-emailfilters--08
  9. In this case, the action is to deliver the email to the inbox.cpanel-paperlantern-6-emailfilters--09
  10. To finish, click the “Create” button.cpanel-paperlantern-6-emailfilters--10
  11. That’s it! The filter has been created.cpanel-paperlantern-6-emailfilters--11
  12. You can always return to this screen to create new filters, or edit or delete existing ones.
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