How To Set up a Cron Job in cPanel

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  1. This tutorial assumes you’ve already logged in to cPanel, and are starting on the home screen.cpanel-paperlantern-28-cron--01
  2. Now let’s learn how to setup a cron job.cpanel-paperlantern-28-cron--02
  3. Click the “Cron Jobs” icon.cpanel-paperlantern-28-cron--03
  4. Enter the email address where you want the cron job results sent after each time it runs.cpanel-paperlantern-28-cron--04
  5. Now you have to define exactly when and how often you want the cron job to run.cpanel-paperlantern-28-cron--05
  6. This is made easier by selecting one of the pre-defined common settings.cpanel-paperlantern-28-cron--06
  7. Notice that by choosing a common setting, all fields are filled in automatically. This also helps you understand what each field means.cpanel-paperlantern-28-cron--07
  8. Next, enter the command of the script you want to run, including the path (from root).cpanel-paperlantern-28-cron--08
  9. Then click “Add New Cron Job”.cpanel-paperlantern-28-cron--09
  10. That’s it! The cron job has been set, and will be listed at the bottom of the screen.
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