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Tag: Security

Enhance the security of your server by reading through our easy to follow tutorials. From installing firewalls to auto-renewing SSLs, our expansive library is sure to be your bookmark favorite.

Reading Time: 6 minutes

When browsing the internet, users must be aware of the evolving technologies they use to browse webpages. Whether browsing the web for personal or business use, security becomes a concern when new technologies create unforeseen issues. 

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Reading Time: 5 minutes

Basic Firewall Rules

In a firewall rule, the action component decides if it will permit or block traffic. It has an action-on-match feature. For example, if the traffic matches the components of a rule, then it will be permitted to connect to the network. It is essential to consider the potential security risks when modifying a firewall rule to avoid future issues. Following firewall rules best practices can help you maximize the effectiveness of your solution.

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Reading Time: 6 minutes

Since ancient times, people have used passwords, which are almost ubiquitous in our personal and professional lives. Though people were expected to remember their passwords as a best practice, it is practically impossible to remember hundreds of complex passwords. Therefore, people created passwords that were easy to remember and reuse across numerous accounts. However, repeated use of the same weak passwords causes data breaches and security issues.

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Reading Time: 4 minutes

One of the most common questions a Solution Architect receives that has only increased over the years is, what is Zero Trust security? This article sets out to answer this and another critical question, why is Zero Trust important in today's interconnected world?

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How to Install ClamAV

Posted on by Mohammed Noufal | Updated:
Reading Time: 6 minutes

A wide range of antivirus (AV) software is available for purchase, but not all are free or open source. This article helps you understand what ClamAV is, how to install it on Mac, Ubuntu, and Windows, and how to scan your system for viruses.

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Reading Time: 11 minutes

How Can You Ensure Security on a Server?

It is important to secure your server to prevent data loss or security compromises. Because security is such a challenging subject for many, it often goes unheeded. Many are caught unaware when an issue arises. By following these best practices, you can significantly lower your risk of being compromised by a malicious actor.

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Reading Time: 10 minutes

What is OpenSSL?

OpenSSL is an open source software cryptography library widely used by applications to encrypt communication over computer networks using Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocols. It's licensed under Apache License 2.0, so you can use it for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

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Reading Time: 3 minutes

PHP is a programming language that can run with Apache or Microsoft IIS and works with your server to execute your website requests. Each PHP version gets active support for two years when reported bugs and security issues are fixed and shipped in regular point releases. In the third year, users only get critical security updates. Releases during this period are on an as-needed basis.

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Reading Time: 2 minutes

Data security is essential to developers, business owners, and system administrators. A vital element of securing data is password management. This guide will teach you how to change a MySQL password in Linux using the command line.

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How to Open a Port in Windows Firewall

Posted on by Matthew Hurst | Updated:
Reading Time: 6 minutes

Managing your network traffic is essential in securing any device that handles your workloads. One of the primary tools in doing so is a firewall. The Windows operating system (OS) comes prepackaged with the Windows Defender Firewall to assist with this task.

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