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The Microsoft Azure Command Line Interface (CLI) is an open source tool that allows users to manage and interact with Microsoft Azure services via the command line. It offers a flexible and powerful approach to scheduling deployments, automating tasks, and managing Azure resources. Its comprehensive command sets cover a wide range of Azure services, enabling users to automate tasks, implement Infrastructure as Code (IaC) practices, and integrate cloud management into DevOps workflows. Its cross-platform compatibility ensures flexibility across Windows, macOS, and Linux environments, and its support for extensions contributes to a comprehensive and adaptable cloud management ecosystem.

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Whether you want to manage configurations of your on-premises or cloud hosted server, Ansible is one of the most reliable tools in its category. It is an open-source, cross-platform automation tool that has revolutionized how IT professionals manage their servers, offering streamlined workflows and improved productivity. As you ramp on this technology, be sure check our informative articles, What is Ansible and What Does it Do? and An Introduction to Ansible Playbooks.

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Deploying and managing a robust WordPress website on cloud platforms such as Liquid Web or Amazon Web Services (AWS) becomes significantly easier when utilizing Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools like Terraform to leverage the capabilities of modern cloud-based web hosting infrastructure. Liquid Web can provide the resources and guidance you need to get started.

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Let's briefly review how to set up Terraform — leveraging Infrastructure as Code (IaC) — on the hosting platform run by Liquid Web. For starters, as one example, deploying WordPress on Terraform using the Liquid Web command line interface (CLI), is done in a manner similar to using any other CLI.

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If you're a web developer, you've most likely heard about Git, GitHub, DevOps, and GitOps. While DevOps and GitOps are similar approaches to improving the software development process, GitOps is the more modern pathway used today. As companies grow and their software teams expand, they must control their software development while improving efficiency and workflow. But, getting down to brass tacks, what is GitOps really? Let's uncover all that is involved with it.

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