Managed Dedicated Server Overview

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Are you looking for hosting? You may be asking yourself what is the best solution for your website or online application. One that will provide the uptime and reliability you need with the best support in the industry?  Let’s go through a breakdown of our traditional Dedicated Server options to get a full scope on the aspects of these types of servers. Continue reading “Managed Dedicated Server Overview”

Managing Account Bandwidth in WHM

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Adjusting account bandwidth limits in WHM is very similar to the process used when editing an account in WHM. While you can adjust bandwidth limits via multiple locations, it’s usually best to use the modify account page. Changing the settings and limits of a cPanel account from WHM is a simple process and only takes a few moments. Continue reading “Managing Account Bandwidth in WHM”

PIMS Bandwidth Graphs

Reading Time: < 1 minute
Please note that this article is considered legacy documentation for an older account management system. For a relevant equivalent article please read: Reading Bandwidth Graphs In Manage.

Bandwidth graphs are a quick way to see how much traffic your server is receiving, or how much data it’s pushing out. Bandwidth graphs are available on the PIMS dashboard.

Continue reading “PIMS Bandwidth Graphs”