Checking Resource Usage in Cloud Sites

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The Usage tab in your Cloud Sites control panel provides information on the amount of bandwidth, disk space and database usage for your sites. Your Cloud Sites control panel includes 50GB of disk space and 500GB of bandwidth. You can log into your Liquid Web Cloud Sites account to view the current charges for additional space and bandwidth use.

View Resource Usage Data

To help you keep track of these metrics, the Usage tab gives you a breakdown of your usage so that you can adjust accordingly and avoid any issues.


The first section of the Usage tab is the usage Summary. This section gives you a snapshot of your overall bandwidth and disk space usage for all sites running on Cloud Sites control panel. Disk space is the amount of file storage your sites are using. Usage is tracked by your monthly billing cycle.


The next section is the overall database and file system use. Your MSSQL database usage will show on the left-hand side of the section and MySQL and Files will be in the graph on the right-hand side of the section.

Daily Usage Data

The Daily Usage section breaks down your Network Usage (bandwidth), disk space and MSSQL usage by day. These graphs will change daily depending on the amount of traffic and file usage your sites are taking up at any given time within a 24 hour period.

Usage by Account

The Usage Totals section at the bottom of the page lists each site and the individual breakdown of the MySQL, MSSQL and Bandwidth usage for each.


To see individual usage information, click on the site link.


The account Usage page for an individual site will look similar to your overall usage from the Usage tab.

cs-usage-data-pt7Just like with the main account, you can view the individual site usage of MSSQL, MySQL and Files. The Daily Usage section will give you the Network Usage (bandwidth), Disk Space Usage and MSSQL Usage on a daily scale for the individual site you have selected.

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