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CentOS 7 will move to EOL (end-of-life) status on June 30, 2024. Here’s what you need to know about our in-place operating system upgrade from CentOS 7 to AlmaLinux 8.

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Virtual Desktop Environment — Configuring Kasm Workspaces

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What are Kasm Workspaces?

Kasm Workspaces is a container streaming platform popularly used in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions to deliver browser, desktop, and application workloads to web browsers. Users can access container applications or the entire operating system through a standard browser with full user interface support, which make a virtual desktop environment. Kasm handles authentication, container orchestration, logging, and more. Common use cases are Remote Browser Isolation (RBI), Desktop as a Service (DaaS), Remote Access Services (RAS), and Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) collections.

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Jenkins is an open-source continuous integration server. It is a tool for continuously compiling and testing software projects. In the field of Continuous Integration (CI), the concepts from CI are combined with those from Continuous Delivery (CD) — also known as Continuous Deployment — in the CI/CD pipeline. See our The Best DevOps Tools for Infrastructure Automation for more information about this growth area in advanced software development techniques.

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Learn about Ruby on Rails with this overview and the steps to install Ruby on Rails on AlmaLinux. You'll also learn how to develop and test a new Rails application using a web browser. Ruby on Rails is a popular, free, open-source development framework for building web applications in the Ruby programming language.

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