Tag: Dandified YUM (DNF)

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Node.js is a robust runtime environment for running JavaScript on your web server, making it a popular choice for developing scalable and high-performance applications. Node.js was not available in the AlmaLinux official repositories. However, you may still install Node.js using the NodeSource repository with up-to-date Node.js packages. Node.js is a versatile and well-supported platform that may help you reach your goals while developing web applications, APIs, or server-side applications.

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One of the most widely used, versatile, and high-level programming languages is Python. It is used for object-oriented applications ranging from straightforward scripts to complicated machine learning algorithms. Python has an extensive standard library, simple syntax, and predictable semantics. This article will review how to install Python on Linux (AlmaLinux).

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Installing WordPress on Linux (AlmaLinux) offers a powerful combination of user-friendliness, customization options, security, and community support. It is a significant choice for individuals and businesses seeking an online presence. This knowledge base article will show you how to install WordPress on Linux — specifically AlmaLinux.

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