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CentOS has served as the Linux server of choice for experienced users over the years while also the go-to operating system for most online and server hosting companies. With CentOS Linux 7 reaching EOL (End of Life) on June 30, 2024, you must be prepared to migrate to a newer, supported operating system.

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Apache Tomcat is a free, open-source, lightweight, powerful, and extensively used Java EE-compliant web server (where EE stands for Enterprise Edition) and servlet container hosting Java-enabled web applications. It is a Java Servlet, JavaServer Pages, Java Expression Language, and Java WebSocket implementation. Tomcat is platform-independent, requiring only the installation of Java in several Linux distributions and operating systems (OSs), such as AlmaLinux, Debian, Ubuntu, and CentOS.

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Installing WordPress on Linux (AlmaLinux) offers a powerful combination of user-friendliness, customization options, security, and community support. It is a significant choice for individuals and businesses seeking an online presence. This knowledge base article will show you how to install WordPress on Linux — specifically AlmaLinux.

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Docker is a tool for running container software. Leveraging containers is a terrific approach for developers and users to worry less about operating system compatibility and dependencies because the bundled software should function similarly on any system. Are you new to using a container engine? Be sure to check out the Docker for Beginners article, if you are just getting started.

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If you have not yet been introduced to Machine Learning, TensorFlow is Google's open-source, Machine Learning (ML) platform that aims to simplify developing ML models. It is a symbolic math toolbox that performs several tasks, such as deep neural network training and inference using dataflow and differentiable programming.

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