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Get advice and info related to Liquid Web's Dedicated Hosting, our high-performance, single-tenant, fully customized managed and unmanaged bare metal servers.

Understanding Bare Metal-as-a-Service

Learn about the game-changing approach to cloud computing that BMaaS is, as it combines the power of dedicated hardware with the ease of a service.
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Why Resellers Need To Be Dedicated Server Resellers

Get all the tools and guidance you need to start a reseller hosting business with Liquid Web. Detailed tips and steps!
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Why Consider Upgrading From Liquid Web VPS?

Discover the improved performance, enhanced security, and customization that dedicated server hosting can offer over VPS for your growing business.
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Why You Need Dedicated Hosting for Your Online Store

Dedicated server hosting can help to keep your eCommerce site secure and running smoothly. Learn more about our dedicated server hosting from Liquid Web.
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Dedicated Server vs VPS: The Best Plan For Your Business

Comparing VPS vs dedicated servers? Find out which hosting plan is best for your budget, needs, and business goals.
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Why Your eCommerce Website Needs a Dedicated Server

Should you use dedicated servers for your eCommerce website? Here are 8 benefits that will help improve the user experience.
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Web Hosting for eCommerce Websites: Key Features to Look For

Find out what features you should look for when choosing a web hosting solution for your eCommerce website.
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Linux Hosting vs Windows Hosting

Find out the important differences between Linux and Windows hosting and which option is better for your business.
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Managed Private Cloud vs Unmanaged Private Cloud

Learn more about managed vs unmanaged private cloud and make an informed decision about which solution is right for you.
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Understanding Unmetered Dedicated Servers

Unsure an unmetered dedicated server is the right solution for you? This guide will help you understand what they are and how they work.
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