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What is Server Leasing?

What is a Server? A server is a powerful computer connected to a network (typically the Internet) and provides access to some resources or services. There are many types of servers. For example: Web Server: This is the most common type of server. It hosts a website that is typically accessible over the Internet. This […]

Liquid Web’s Dedicated Servers Now Offer Upgraded Performance with Intel Xeon Scalable Technology

LANSING, Mich., October 28, 2020 – Liquid Web, LLC, the market leader in managed hosting and digital commerce cloud services to SMBs and entrepreneurs, today announced the launch of their upgraded Dedicated Intel Xeon 6226R servers with advanced Intel Xeon Scalable technology. This new offering will provide customers with a vital performance for high workloads, […]

Which is Better For My Business, Dedicated Server Hosting or Cloud Hosting?

Choosing between a cloud server vs dedicated server hosting solution is an important decision for your company. In the past, it was common for businesses to start off on a shared Linux server when first learning about web hosting and then upgrade to a dedicated server to support increased web traffic as the website scaled […]

What are the Different Types of Web Hosting?

With much of our world shifting online in the past few months, reliable web hosting has become a critical business necessity. Whether you are hosting websites, applications, or office infrastructure, it is vital to have the right plan with the right resources. But how do you choose from the different types of web hosting? Web […]

5 Ways to Free Up Disk Space on a Dedicated Windows Server

How often do you think about your Windows-based dedicated server running out of disk space? Yet having enough free storage is critical to maintaining stellar server performance.  Without it, not only will you see the immediate reduction in speed, but other automatic processes, such as backups, also wouldn’t be able to run properly. Let’s walk […]

Liquid Web Vs. Media Temple

Considering Liquid Web vs Media Temple? Based in Los Angeles, GoDaddy-owned Media Temple has cultivated a reputation as a high-end hosting provider with more than 20 years of experience. For many businesses, however, this reputation does not stand up to technical scrutiny. Offering shared, VPS, and dedicated solutions to digital professionals, small businesses, and media […]