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Get advice and info related to Liquid Web's Dedicated Hosting, our high-performance, single-tenant, fully customized managed and unmanaged bare metal servers.

What is a Hypervisor?

What is a hypervisor? Learn about Type 1 & 2 hypervisors that allow multiple operating systems to work together on the same physical hardware.
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What is Server Virtualization?

What is server virtualization and how does it work? Learn about the different types and see specific examples of server virtualization.
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Liquid Web Maintains 99.9992% Network Uptime

Find out what uptime is and how Liquid Web achieved 99.9992% uptime in 2021 for customers across the globe.
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Bare Metal vs Virtual Server Hosting: A Comparison

Between a bare metal vs virtual server, which is better for your business? Liquid Web lays out the advantages and disadvantages of each.
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What is a Bare Metal Hypervisor?

Bare metal (Type 1) hypervisors are installed directly on the hardware of a physical host machine, giving businesses virtualization benefits.
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What are Bare Metal Servers?

Wondering what a bare metal server is? Read our guide to learn about bare metal servers and their many advantages for performance and security.
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5 Best Tech Stacks You Need to Consider for 2024

Here are the best tech stacks your startup or business needs to consider using in 2024, including LAMP, MEAN, MERN, MEVN, and serverless.
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What Are Dedicated Game Servers?

Dedicated gaming servers are hosting setups that enable players to create and customize an online gaming environment. Learn about dedicated game server hosting.
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2 Methods for How To Make a Gaming Server

Creating a game server has never been easier! Follow the steps provided by our guide to set up your gaming haven and host multiplayer sessions.
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DDoS Game Protection: How to Protect & How to Avoid Attacks

What is a DDoS in gaming? How does a DDoS happen? How can you protect yourself and get DDoS Protection for your gaming setup? Get the guide.
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