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How a Great Brand Name Will Boost Your Business Success

Find out why choosing a brand name that is easily identifiable and connects with customers can elevate the success of your business within your industry.
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Terms You Need to Have in All Freelance Contracts

Here are the terms that all freelance contracts need to have in order to fully cover freelancers and clients alike and make sure every project is protected.
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7 Effective Security Strategies to Protect Your Hosting Reseller Business

Reselling hosting services is often a practical and effective way to offset this spikey revenue model. It introduces a subscription-based revenue stream that generates just enough revenue to keep the lights on between project cycles. Here are 7 effective ways to protect your hosting reseller business.
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Understanding Your Worth — How to Calculate a Minimum Hourly Rate for WordPress Projects

Pricing your WordPress services isn’t just about the money you want to make, it’s about the quality of life you want for yourself and/or your team. Whether you use hourly or flat-rate pricing, you need to know your minimum hourly rate for WordPress Projects.
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