Reducing CapEx

Find information and advice on how to evaluate infrastructure and business processes to optimize and reduce cost.

The Benefits of Consolidating Your Hosting Infrastructure and IT Needs

As an organization in the 21st century, you’re going to have IT needs. Big, small, or somewhere in-between, your organization has systems that require hosting. As most organizations scale, they add new functionality and systems, which require integration, sometimes with legacy infrastructure. This can get extremely disorganized. Ask yourself the following questions: Are all your […]

What is Server Leasing?

What is a Server? A server is a powerful computer connected to a network (typically the Internet) and provides access to some resources or services. There are many types of servers. For example: Web Server: This is the most common type of server. It hosts a website that is typically accessible over the Internet. This […]

Which is Better For My Business, Dedicated Server Hosting or Cloud Hosting?

Choosing between a cloud server vs dedicated server hosting solution is an important decision for your company. In the past, it was common for businesses to start off on a shared Linux server when first learning about web hosting and then upgrade to a dedicated server to support increased web traffic as the website scaled […]

What is InterWorx?

InterWorx is a control panel for your server and sites. InterWorx provides tools to configure your web server, email, domains, and websites. You can use it to install WordPress, manage your files, and improve your security. InterWorx gives you everything you need to launch and manage your website.” A lot goes into getting your website […]

Why You Should Perform An Infrastructure Assessment

The infrastructure your business runs on is one of the main factors in the speed, security, and reliability of your IT system’s performance. The performance of infrastructure, particularly legacy, on-premise infrastructure, tends to degrade over time. As your business grows and its workloads change, your infrastructure may become less suitable than it originally was. But […]