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Reducing CapEx

Find information and advice on how to evaluate infrastructure and business processes to optimize and reduce cost.

Dedicated Server vs VPS: The Best Plan For Your Business

Comparing VPS vs dedicated servers? Find out which hosting plan is best for your budget, needs, and business goals.
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5 Reasons Why Your Website Needs a Reliable Web Hosting Provider

From improved security and cost savings to disaster recovery and more, explore why your website needs reliable web hosting. Read this guide from Liquid Web.
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Should You Migrate to a SaaS or Hosted Environment?

Find out the best hosting environment for your business, whether it’s an easy-to-use SaaS or a more advanced, customizable hosted environment.
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Cons of Free Cloud Computing

Before you jump on the latest special from any cloud hosting provider, carefully consider the hidden costs of cloud computing.
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10 Impossible Challenges to Tackle in Supply Chain Management

Here are 10 challenges your company may face in server hardware supply chain management and how Liquid Web solves with Managed Hosting.
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How Managed Private Cloud Helps Reduce IT Spend

Looking for ways to reduce your IT spend? Discover 10 ways migrating to a managed private cloud solution can help with cost reduction.
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Top 10 Cloud Cost Optimization Best Practices for 2023

Find out the top 10 best practices for cloud cost optimization and the 6 best ways to reduce cost for your cloud spend today.
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Decreasing Windows Licensing Costs With Multi-Tenant Private Cloud

Find out what a multi-tenant private cloud is and how you can use it to decrease Windows Server license cost in 2022 and beyond.
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CapEx vs OpEx in Cloud Computing

Find out the difference between CapEx vs OpEx as it pertains to on-premises infrastructure vs moving to cloud computing.
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Dedicated Server Costs and Pricing Overview

How much does a dedicated server cost? What is a low-cost dedicated server? Learn about the factors that determine dedicated server pricing.
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