Learn how our Private Cloud powered by VMware and NetApp, delivers the power, performance, and security of dedicated hosting with the flexibility of virtualization.

Automation inside the cloud: What VMware offers large enterprises

Liquid Web and in-platform VMware cloud automation (formerly VMware vRealize) offers frictionless performance to grow your business.
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What is enterprise hybrid cloud, and how does it work?

Learn how to build an enterprise hybrid cloud and how it can help you leverage the best of private and public clouds to achieve optimal business outcomes.
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What is the difference between a VPS and a VM?

Explore the differences between VPS (Virtual Private Server) and VM (Virtual Machine) to determine the ideal solution for your hosting needs. Learn more.
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Bare metal vs private cloud: Which hosting infrastructure should you choose for your business?

Bare metal vs. private cloud: Learn from Liquid Web the difference between these hosting infrastructures and how to choose the best option for you.
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Server consolidation in cloud computing: An in-depth analysis

Overwhelmed with multiple servers? Learn how server consolidation can simplify your IT environment, reduce costs, and improve resource allocation.
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Top 10 strategies to decrease IT costs

Explore actionable strategies that CIOs and business leaders need to reduce IT expenditures. Manage your digital transformation budgets effectively.
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Application replatforming: Enhancing efficiency and reducing costs

Discover how application replatforming can enhance efficiency and reduce costs. Learn strategies, benefits, challenges, and real-world examples.
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Shared folders for virtual machines: How to create a VMware shared folder

Creating a VMware shared folder enables easy data transfer between the host and virtual machines. Learn from Liquid Web how to create a VMware shared folder.
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A deep dive into the benefits of virtualization

Explore the vast benefits of virtualization for businesses. Learn the types of virtualization, practical examples, tips for implementation, and cost savings.
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What is XaaS? Decoding the ‘Anything-as-a-Service’ model

Discover the benefits and challenges of XaaS along with their future trends. Learn about major XaaS models like SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS and how they can transform businesses.
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