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Cloud Dedicated

Learn about the benefits and use cases for Cloud Dedicated Hosting, which combines the processing power and resources of a traditional dedicated server with the instant provisioning and flexibility of a cloud platform.

Bare Metal vs Dedicated Server Hosting: Which Is Better?

While bare metal servers and dedicated servers appear similar, they have their differences. Explore bare metal vs dedicated server to learn what to use.
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Understanding Bare Metal-as-a-Service

Learn about the game-changing approach to cloud computing that BMaaS is, as it combines the power of dedicated hardware with the ease of a service.
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Guide to NVMe Dedicated Servers

Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) drives are faster than their competitors and, as such, can be a great component for web servers. Learn more.
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Considerations When Moving From On-Premises To Managed Private Cloud

Learn what a managed private cloud is, what moving to one can do for you, and what you need to know when planning such a move.
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Linux Hosting vs Windows Hosting

Find out the important differences between Linux and Windows hosting and which option is better for your business.
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Key Characteristics of Cloud Computing

Explore the seven primary characteristics of cloud computing and discuss why it has become such a popular option for businesses.
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Do Dedicated Servers Fit into the Cloud Dedicated World?

As cloud solutions continue to grow in popularity, should you even consider a dedicated server? Learn about the differences between them.
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More Reasons To Move From VPS To Dedicated

Explore the benefits and drawbacks of VPS hosting and when it makes sense for your business to move from VPS to dedicated hosting.
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What Is a Cloud Dedicated Server? A Definitive Guide

Need the flexibility of the cloud and the performance of a bare metal server? A cloud dedicated server can offer the best of both worlds.
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How to Gain the Flexibility of the Cloud

Liquid Web explores the basics of gaining the flexibility of the cloud and what that can mean for your business.
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