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Unmetered vs metered vs unlimited: A guide to bandwidth hosting

Discover the differences between metered and unmetered bandwidth hosting, its impact on website performance, and find the ideal hosting solution to manage your bandwidth needs effectively.
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What is bare metal provisioning?

Discover bare metal provisioning – from hardware-level programming to provisioning physical servers for optimal performance and security.
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Understanding website bandwidth: A comprehensive guide

Boost your website's performance and user experience by understanding the importance of bandwidth in web hosting and learning how to calculate and optimize it effectively.
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Bare Metal vs Dedicated Server Hosting: Which Is Better?

While bare metal servers and dedicated servers appear similar, they have their differences. Explore bare metal vs dedicated server to learn what to use.
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Understanding Bare Metal-as-a-Service

Learn about the game-changing approach to cloud computing that BMaaS is, as it combines the power of dedicated hardware with the ease of a service.
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P2P vs Dedicated Server: Pros and Cons

Dedicated servers offer more functionality and control than P2P servers, but they also cost more and have other downsides. Learn more today.
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What is VMware Enhanced vMotion Compatibility (EVC)?

VMware Enhanced vMotion Compatibility (EVC) allows virtual machines to move between different types of processors without powering them off.
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How to Choose Between Private Cloud vs Dedicated Hosting

Choosing between private cloud vs dedicated hosting can be difficult. Learn which one is right for your business.
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The History of Dedicated Servers

Learn how dedicated servers have shaped the web hosting industry. Liquid Web provides a brief history of dedicated servers.
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What Is a Private Cloud? 6 Key Benefits of Private Clouds

Private clouds are dedicated to a single organization, providing them with the benefits of cloud computing while also ensuring greater control. Learn more.
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