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You need it. We provide it. See how Liquid Web's infrastructure and services have been crafted with performance in mind at every turn for SMBs with resource-demanding applications, eCommerce stores, or websites.

P2P vs Dedicated Server: Pros and Cons

Dedicated servers offer more functionality and control than P2P servers, but they also cost more and have other downsides. Learn more today.
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What is VMware Enhanced vMotion Compatibility (EVC)?

VMware Enhanced vMotion Compatibility (EVC) allows virtual machines to move between different types of processors without powering them off.
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The History of Dedicated Servers

Learn how dedicated servers have shaped the web hosting industry. Liquid Web provides a brief history of dedicated servers.
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Jim Geiger was interviewed by on what separates Liquid Web from competitors and Liquid Web’s plans for the future.
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How to Choose the Right Amount of Server RAM

Here is your conclusive guide to what RAM is, how it works, types, and how to purchase the best server RAM for your business in 2022.
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10 Incredible Benefits of VPS Hosting

What are the benefits of VPS Hosting? The ability to create, scale, and backup easily are a few advantages of VPS. Get the full guide from Liquid Web.
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How to Choose Enterprise Web Hosting For Larger Websites

Find out the top considerations for choosing the best enterprise web hosting for your large website or application.
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What are Bare Metal Servers?

Bare metal servers are high-performance physical servers dedicated to a single tenant. Learn more about bare metal servers from Liquid Web.
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What Are Dedicated Game Servers?

Dedicated gaming servers are hosting setups that enable players to create and customize an online gaming environment. Learn about dedicated game server hosting.
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Guide To Starting a Gaming Server

Liquid Web explains how to create your own private gaming server at home and lays out the pros and cons of creating your own. Learn more.
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