Learn when and how to have successful migrations, with maximum uptime for business continuity and profitability.

How to Execute a Successful Cloud Migration

Cloud migration is the process of moving workloads and apps into a cloud environment. Get a step-by-step checklist and cloud migration best practices.
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How to Deploy a Private Cloud

Learn the steps for how to deploy private cloud, both for your own hardware and hosted at Liquid Web. Get scalability, flexibility, and elasticity today!
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Why Your Business Needs to Migrate to the Cloud

For those with legacy infrastructure or on-premise servers, find out the benefits and why to migrate to the cloud.
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A Complete Guide to Server Migration

A complete and successful server migration is made up of a number of steps that can be performed sequentially. See the list to start migration prep today.
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What Should You Consider Before Server and Website Migration?

The stakes are high for server and website migrations, but that doesn’t mean that the outcome can’t be well-managed from the start.
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4 Tips to Avoid a Disastrous Website Migration

Preparation is key to a successful migration. Learn how to reduce risk and downtime with this essential data migration process guide.
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How to Prepare for PHP 5 Going EOL

PHP 5 is going end-of-life, so now is the time to start preparing your site for migration to PHP 7 or later. Early statistics show PHP 7.3 performs well.
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cPanel Conference: Migrating Data Between cPanel Servers

This is your definitive guide on best practices for migrating data between two cPanel servers and what to watch out for when doing so.
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