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Get advice and info related to Liquid Web's Dedicated Hosting, our high-performance, single-tenant, fully customized managed and unmanaged bare metal servers.

Dedicated Server Costs and Pricing Overview

How much does a dedicated server cost? What is a low-cost dedicated server? Learn about the factors that determine dedicated server pricing.
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How to Create Your Own Minecraft Gaming Server

Want to set up a multiplayer server for Minecraft? Learn how to set up your own Minecraft Gaming server with our guide!
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5 Ways to Optimize Your Server

Is your server running slowly? Purchasing a new server and want to ensure it is optimized? Here are the top 5 tips for server optimization.
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Hosting VoIP on a Dedicated Server

Hosting VoIP services on a dedicated server comes with many real-world benefits, as well as a few drawbacks. Learn more about the VoIP technology today.
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What is Dedicated Virtual Server Hosting?

Unlike virtual private servers (VPS), dedicated virtual server hosting only has one client hosted on each server. Learn more about dedicated server virtualization.
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10 Database Examples in Real Life

Databases are everywhere and are responsible for many of the services that we use on a daily basis. Here are some well-known examples you probably recognize.
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How to Set Up a Dedicated Server

Looking to set up a dedicated server? Setting up a dedicated server can be difficult. Learn all you need to know about the dedicated server setup process from Liquid Web.
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What are HIPAA Violations and How to Avoid Them

Protect your business with this guide to understanding the most common HIPAA violations. Secure healthcare data with Liquid Web’s HIPAA Compliant Hosting.
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Colocation vs Dedicated Server Hosting: Which Do You Choose?

Choosing between colocation hosting vs dedicated server hosting? We compare dedicated server vs colocation hosting and determine which is better for SMBs & SMEs.
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