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Get advice and info related to Liquid Web's Dedicated Hosting, our high-performance, single-tenant, fully customized managed and unmanaged bare metal servers.

What is a Dedicated Server and How Do They Work?

What are dedicated servers? They provide full control over server configurations and reliable user experience for websites with intensive traffic demands. Find out how they can benefit your website.
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What is HIPAA Compliance? HIPAA Regulations, Fees, & Tips

What is HIPAA compliance? Learn all you need to know about who needs to be HIPAA compliant, HIPAA IT requirements and regulations, & compliance challenges.
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What is Server Leasing?

A lot goes into the decision of a dedicated server, such as when it is best to lease and when it would be best to buy. Learn about the pros and cons to both.
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How To Secure a Server in 10 Steps

Secure your servers to maintain uptime and keep your data safe with these server security best practices and tools used at Liquid Web.
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Liquid Web’s Dedicated Servers Now Offer Upgraded Performance with Intel Xeon Scalable Technology

Liquid Web today announced the launch of their upgraded Dedicated Intel Xeon 6226R servers with advanced Intel Xeon Scalable technology.
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Choosing Between Dedicated IP and Shared IP

Learn the difference between a shared IP and a dedicated IP and which is best for your business.
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Cloud Servers vs Dedicated Servers: Which is Better for Business?

Looking to understand the differences between cloud servers and dedicated servers? This article compares cloud servers vs. dedicated servers in depth.
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SSD vs HDD: A Complete Hosting Comparison

Which is the best choice for your hosting needs? Compare the performance, speed, capacity, and cost differences between SSD and HDD.
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What are the Different Types of Web Hosting?

Searching for a new web host but not sure exactly what you need? We put together a complete list of types of web hosting, pros and cons, and how to choose.
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How To Free Up Disk Space on Windows Servers

Having enough free storage is critical to maintaining stellar server performance. What can you do to save disk space on your Windows server?
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