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In some ways, firewalld on systemd systems is easier to manage and configure than iptables. There are, for the most part, no long series of chains, jumps, accepts and denies that you need to memorize to get firewalld up and running in a basic configuration. The rules are simple and straightforward, but there is no reason you cannot still have all the power that iptables afforded.

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PostgreSQL (pronounced post-gress-Q-L) is a household name for open source relational database management systems.

It is object-relational, meaning that you’ll be able to use objects, classes in database schemas, and the query language.  In this tutorial, we will be demonstrating some essentials like how to create, list, and delete a Postgres database.

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Managing who has access to your server, and what type of access that person is an important part of server administration. This article will address multiple areas relating to user accounts on the Windows operating system. It assumes your Windows Server is on a “Workstation” and not a part of an Active Directory domain. The process for resetting an Active Directory user account is different and out of scope for this article.

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