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Liquid Web’s Next-Gen VPS Hosting

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Small and enterprise companies with any amount of time in the digital world know firsthand the importance of having a reliable and secure online presence. Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) lean on virtual private servers (VPS), so much so that the VPS Hosting market projects to reach a multimillion-dollar valuation with Liquid Web leading the charge. With that in mind, Liquid Web reimagined its VPS platform for the future and beyond. Introducing Liquid Web’s Next-Gen VPS.

What is Next-Gen VPS Hosting?

Liquid Web’s Next-Gen VPS Hosting platform is a proprietary cloud computing solution based on Linux’s Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM). The essence of the platform is combining the benefits of cloud computing and virtual private servers.

The result is a lightning-fast virtual environment where resources needed for most projects are available in minutes, giving near-instant access to a new server instance. Moreover, these benefits are available without migrating your data to another server or changing your server settings.

Benefits of the Next-Gen VPS Hosting Options

Liquid Web’s Next-Gen VPS Hosting platform offers more to the end-user. Here is precisely what you can expect from the platform.

Get Hosting That’s Right-Sized For Your Business

Since its inception, VPS Hosting has been about quickly changing server instances up or down with minimal downtime.

Next-Gen VPS Hosting offers more memory and CPU combinations than ever before, meaning more customization options in a low-risk, high-reward hosting environment.

Fast and Dependable

The Next-Gen VPS Hosting design handles even the most complex, data-intensive workloads, giving you peace of mind. AMD EPYC processors power the parent servers backing the Next-Gen VPS Hosting platform. In addition to the compute power boost, the all-solid-state drive storage offers faster input/output (I/O).

Add to this the included 10 Gbps, redundant public and private networking, and you have more speed and reliability than the previous infrastructure iteration. And the fault-tolerant infrastructure ensures the platform doesn't go down.

More Value and Security

The base plan pricing includes the fully managed InterWorx control panel and the base tier of off-server Acronis Cyber Backups. Full management ensures you have the server-side support you need when you need it. And Acronis Cyber Backups give you the peace of mind that your data is copied off-server should you need to restore it.

Worry-Free Trial

Since contracts are not required, you’re never stuck with a plan that doesn’t work for you. Get a full refund if you cancel service within the first 30 days of activation.

White Glove Migration Service 

Transfer everything from site content and email to databases and control panel accounts with the help of our dedicated migration team.

Reliable Hosting Services

The extensive Service Level Agreement from Liquid Web ensures everything from response times and hardware replacement to downtime compensation.

Pricing Breakdown

With more storage and bandwidth than the previous plans, your monthly spend goes a long way. Here is a breakdown of the plans and pricing.

General Pricing

Memory-Optimized Pricing

CPU-Optimized Pricing

What is Right For You?

The demands of your project determines the right fit for you. If you don’t know the resources your environment needs, Liquid Web can help. We pride ourselves on being The Most Helpful Humans In Hosting™!

Our sales and support staff are always available to assist with any questions or concerns 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Contact us anytime if you need more information about the plans and options. The Liquid Web Solutions team or Account Managers can provide further information to help you make the right decision.

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