What Is A Private VPS Parent?

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A Private VPS Parent is a host or parent server on which a user creates virtual private server (VPS) instances for personal or reselling purposes. While a virtualized environment such as our Managed Private Cloud gives you significant control and flexibility, Liquid Web’s Private VPS Parent allows you to create individual child server instances for different use cases.

What Are the Benefits of a Private VPS Parent?

Child VPS Instance Creation

As a Private VPS Parent owner, you can add VPS instances to the private parent. Your host server will largely be separate from the public cloud, allowing you to have even more control over the environment and the instances you create.

Control of Network Connectivity

The Private VPS Parent connects to the public network for certain features, such as Liquid Web’s backup and server images management system.  The physical parent controls networking for your servers but connects to the public network to utilize the infrastructure. Additionally, networking between the child instances is not shared, but the networking infrastructure between your Private VPS Parent and other parents is considered a shared resource.

Secure Backups and Server Images

The network setup means that your backups and server images are stored in a shared environment, though not accessible to other users.  This feature allows you and the child instance users to store backups and server images separately but accessible on the network.

How Does the Private VPS Parent Differ From Normal VPS Hosting?

The difference between Private VPS Parent vs VPS hosting is that a single VPS is a single server for hosting websites and applications. On the other hand, a Private VPS Parent is the host server that VPSs run on.

Developers or businesses that only need a single server do well to explore VPS hosting. Private VPS Parents are for those that require the ability to host multiple small VPSs and wish to control the resources allocated to each server without managing an entire private cloud infrastructure.

Why Should You Choose a Private VPS Parent?

The benefits of cloud-based use cases outweigh standard dedicated servers for specific workloads when comparing cloud hosting to dedicated hosting. In addition, dedicated servers and other single-server offerings are typically for one user with workloads that don’t require a multi-server setup. Private VPS Parents are for those who need more than one VPS for themselves or their clients in the case of resellers.The VMware Private Cloud is a great solution for users requiring multiple servers with intense workloads. With the addition of our VPS Hosting, Cloud Dedicated Servers, and Dedicated Servers, Liquid Web has solutions for most developer and business needs. Contact our sales team today for more information.

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