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Learn how our Private Cloud powered by VMware and NetApp, delivers the power, performance, and security of dedicated hosting with the flexibility of virtualization.

How to Securely Run Traditional Software and Applications

Learn about software patching, why traditional software is vulnerable to attack, and how to secure your legacy applications in the cloud.
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VM Sprawl: Definition, Management, & Control

Fighting VM and system sprawl at your business? Find out best practices around management and how to control VM sprawl now.
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An Overview of Legacy Software and Systems

Find out what legacy software and systems are, the top issues that plague software owners, and steps to move your application into the cloud.
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Cloud Security: Everything You Need to Know

Cloud security refers to the policies, procedures, and technologies that work together to protect cloud-based systems. Learn more from Liquid Web.
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CapEx vs OpEx in Cloud Computing

Find out the difference between CapEx vs OpEx as it pertains to on-premises infrastructure vs moving to cloud computing.
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Virtualization Security: A Comprehensive Overview

Virtualization security ensures that multiple virtual instances of a device running a single physical hardware resource are protected.
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What is Bare Metal Cloud?

Bare metal cloud is a customizable cloud deployment that offers the benefits of the cloud on a dedicated server.
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Liquid Web Achieves VMware Cloud Verified Status

Liquid Web is VMware Cloud Verified, offering the VMware-based software defined data center infrastructure delivered as a service. Learn more.
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What is a Hypervisor?

What is a hypervisor? Learn about Type 1 & 2 hypervisors that allow multiple operating systems to work together on the same physical hardware.
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What is Server Virtualization?

What is server virtualization and how does it work? Learn about the different types and see specific examples of server virtualization.
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