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Learn how our Private Cloud powered by VMware and NetApp, delivers the power, performance, and security of dedicated hosting with the flexibility of virtualization.

VMware Performance: Private Cloud Provides Enterprise Reliability for SMBs

Use high-performance VMware Private Cloud to improve the performance and flexibility of resource use and availability is there if needed.
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Horizontal vs Vertical Scaling for Application Hosting: Which One Is Best For You?

How do you know when to invest in horizontal vs vertical scaling? We review pros and cons in terms of cost, performance, and availability.
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Top Cloud Computing Trends in 2024

Discover the top cloud computing trends every CIO must know. Learn about cloud services, platforms, and infrastructure to help your business grow.
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What is Cloud Technology and Five Benefits of the Cloud

Learn what is cloud technology and its benefits for your business. Get started with our expert guide today.
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Single-Tenant Cloud vs Multi-Tenant Cloud: Which Is Right for You?

What is the difference between single-tenant and multi-tenant cloud architecture? Single-tenancy might be the better solution, find out why.
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What is a Hybrid Cloud?

Is hybrid cloud the best solution available? Let's start with what it is, the benefits of using hybrid cloud, and use cases for consideration.
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Top Three Best Subscription Business Models to Watch in 2021

Why are the top 3 subscription model companies growing and why are they successful in 2021? Find out and how to apply to your business now.
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What are the Different Types of Web Hosting?

Searching for a new web host but not sure exactly what you need? We put together a complete list of types of web hosting, pros and cons, and how to choose.
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Comparing VPS, Cloud Dedicated, and VMware Private Cloud Hosting

In this conclusive guide, we break down VPS (Virtual Private Server) vs cloud, including Cloud Dedicated Hosting and Private Cloud Server.
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Liquid Web Acquires ServerSide, a leading Microsoft Windows CMS Hosting Provider

Liquid Web acquires Serverside to support Liquid Web’s mission to power leading content management platforms for small to medium-sized businesses.
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