Find information and advice on how to evaluate infrastructure and business processes to optimize and reduce cost.

10 Impossible Challenges to Tackle in Supply Chain Management

Here are 10 challenges your company may face in server hardware supply chain management and how Liquid Web solves with Managed Hosting.
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How Managed Private Cloud Helps Reduce IT Spend

Looking for ways to reduce your IT spend? Discover 10 ways migrating to a managed private cloud solution can help with cost reduction.
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Top 10 Cloud Cost Optimization Best Practices for 2024

Find out the top 10 best practices for cloud cost optimization and the 6 best ways to reduce cost for your cloud spend today.
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Decreasing Windows Server Licensing Costs with Multi-Tenant Private Cloud

Find out what a multi-tenant private cloud is and how you can use it to decrease Windows Server license cost in 2022 and beyond.
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CapEx vs OpEx in Cloud Computing

Find out the difference between CapEx vs OpEx as it pertains to on-premises infrastructure vs moving to cloud computing.
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Dedicated Server Costs and Pricing Overview

How much does a dedicated server cost? What is a low-cost dedicated server? Learn about the factors that determine dedicated server pricing.
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Looking for Stellar WordPress Products? Look No More

Liquid Web announces a discount to popular WordPress plugins under the StellarWP software umbrella, including The Events Calendar, SolidWP, GiveWP and more.
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Hosting VoIP on a Dedicated Server

Hosting VoIP services on a dedicated server comes with many real-world benefits, as well as a few drawbacks. Learn more about the VoIP technology today.
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Liquid Web Family of Brands Attracts Impress.org and Flagship Product GiveWP

Liquid Web announces their acquisition of GiveWP, a leader in WordPress plugins for nonprofits, and launch of StellarWP to bundle software and services.
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