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Jake Fellows

Jake Fellows is the Sophisticated Hosting Product Manager for Liquid Web's Managed Hosting products and services. He has over 10 years experience involving several fields of the technology industry, including hosting, healthcare, and IT-system architecture. On his time off, he can be found in front of some form of screen enjoying movies, video games, or researching into one of his many technical side projects.

An Introduction to Load Balancing

An introduction to load balancing, including why load balancing is important to you and a look at how the technology works.
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The Importance of Considering CapEx vs. OpEx

Find out more about the basics of capex, or capital expenditures, and opex, or operating expenditures, and how it relates to IT infrastructure and agility.
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IT Agility… Buzzword or Meaningful Process?

IT agility is the ability to maintain your systems and processes in a flexible way that enables you to shift quickly as needed with the market.
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What are the Basics of High Availability Engineering?

We cover the three principles of reliability engineering that compromises a high availability server and what to look for in a quality host.
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What are the Common Use Cases for VMware Private Cloud?

Specific use cases, examples, and types of deployment businesses often choose to leverage the benefits of VMware private cloud.
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Is Splitting off Resources for Your Database Right for You?

As your business grows you need to ensure you have the right size resources. Splitting your database resources will allow you to maximize your server.
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The Benefits of Managed Hosting

When shopping for Managed Hosting providers, don’t just look at the sticker price. Find out more about the many benefits of managed hosting.
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High Availability Hosting – The Best Defense Against Downtime

Defend against downtime, lost profits and tarnishing of your hard earned reputation. Get High Availability Hosting to ensure your site stays up and running.
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VMware Private Cloud Provides Enterprise Performance for SMBs

Use VMware Private Cloud to improve the performance and flexibility of resource use with the assurance that the resource availability is there if needed.
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