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Jake Fellows

Jake Fellows is the Sophisticated Hosting Product Manager for Liquid Web's Managed Hosting products and services. He has over 10 years experience involving several fields of the technology industry, including hosting, healthcare, and IT-system architecture. On his time off, he can be found in front of some form of screen enjoying movies, video games, or researching into one of his many technical side projects.

5 Ways to Free Up Disk Space on a Dedicated Windows Server

Having enough free storage is critical to maintaining stellar server performance. What can you do to free up disk space? Here's 5 things to try today.
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13 Load Balancing Metrics to Monitor

Monitoring performance is important to the user experience and in controlling costs. Here are 13 load balancer metrics to consider monitoring now.
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Is High Availability Clustering Right For You?

Find out whether a high availability cluster, a highly redundant type of infrastructure, is the right fit for your organization or project in 2020.
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What Is Fault Tolerance and Why It Differs From High Availability

Find out the exact differences between fault tolerance vs redundancy vs high availability in this complete guide for fault-tolerant servers.
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What is DRBD?

Implementing a Linux DRBD can be highly complex, but enables High Availability systems that can save businesses money. Find out how DRBD works.
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How to Intelligently Invest in High Availability

Find out the 7 ways you can invest in your infrastructure to make it high availability, guard against failure, and most importantly, keep your site online.
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Recovering Your Website From a Catastrophic Failure

A look at how to build a disaster recovery plan, and then how to follow that plan to recover your website from a catastrophic failure.
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What Happens When There’s a Catastrophic Failure in Your Infrastructure

A deep dive into the nuances of what happens when an automatic failover occurs within your web hosting infrastructure, and how to prevent a data disaster.
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An Introduction to Load Balancing

An introduction to load balancing, including why load balancing is important to you and a look at how the technology works.
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