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Top 11 Magento 2 themes

Check out these best-of-the-best Magento 2 themes. Take your Magento 2 eCommerce site to the next level with these themes.
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How To Choose Between Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting in 2023

Explore the differences between VPS and shared hosting, understand the advantages & challenges, and learn how to choose the best hosting provider for your needs.
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What Is Software-Defined Storage (SDS)? Benefits and Applications

Explore the advantages of software-defined storage and learn how SDS can be used to benefit your organization.
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What Are CPU Cores vs Threads?

A CPU core is a physical processing unit or processor. Learn how CPU cores differ from threads, how the two are alike, and much more today.
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What Is Tailgating in Cybersecurity?

Tailgating in cybersecurity is an attack method hackers use to gain access to sensitive, password-protected data and information.
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7 Cloud Security Best Practices

For those looking to stay secure from the latest cyber threats, here are the top 7 cloud security best practices you need to follow.
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What is a DDoS Attack? Definition and Examples

A distributed denial of service (DDoS) is an attack that can cause a network or server to be interrupted and unavailable to users. Learn all you need to know about DDoS attacks.
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Tactical Server Hardening Checklist for Windows and Linux Security

Get this easy-to-use 8-step server hardening checklist for Linux and Windows for security against DDoS, malware, or code injection.
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Host-Based Intrusion Detection System: Definition, How It Works, & Threats Guide

Find out what a host-based intrusion detection system is, how HIDS work, emerging threats, and use cases for host-based IDS systems.
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10 Essential Password Security Best Practices

Here are the essential password best practices your organization needs to implement now and steps for how to make a strong password
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