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See stories about popular hosting Add-Ons, such as Storage & Backup Services, Security & Compliance Services, Performance Services, Software Services, Database Hosting, and Email Hosting.

AI Inventory Management: 7 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Enhance Inventory Management

Find out seven ways AI can enhance inventory management for your warehouse, logistics, or eCommerce business.
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VM Sprawl: Definition, Management, & Control

Fighting VM and system sprawl at your business? Find out best practices around management and how to control VM sprawl now.
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Liquid Web Maintains 99.9992% Network Uptime in 2021

Find out what uptime is and how Liquid Web achieved 99.9992% uptime in 2021 for customers across the globe.
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An Overview of Storage Virtualization

By virtualizing your storage, you can pool resources together. Find out everything there is to know about storage virtualization in our guide.
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SAN vs NAS: A Complete Guide to Storage Area Networks vs Network-Attached Storage

As your business grows, you will store more data. Find out what a SAN storage area network is vs choosing NAS network-attached storage.
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Top 15 Most Common Security Issues and How to Fix Them

Here are the top 15 common web security issues businesses face and what you can do. From DDoS attacks to data breaches, stay protected.
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DDoS Game Protection: How to Protect & How to Avoid Attacks

What is a DDoS in gaming? How does a DDoS happen? How can you protect yourself and get DDoS Protection for your gaming setup? Get the guide.
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Liquid Web’s “Cybersecurity Actions and Attitudes” Study Reveals Financial and Organizational Impact of Attacks

Liquid Web released a study on the effects of cybersecurity attacks including consequences, post-attack responses, and preparedness for future attacks.
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Understanding PCI Compliance Questionnaires

How do you become and maintain PCI compliance as a business in 2021? Read this guide to understand PCI compliance questionnaires.
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5 Reasons Why You Need an Offsite Data Backup

We put together a complete overview of what an offsite backup is, how offsite data backups work, and why your media should be stored offsite.
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