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Security Trends In 2021 and How To Protect Your Site

The global pandemic has brought a change in the latest security trends. According to Akamai’s research, the main targets of cyberattacks are retail, hospitality, and travel industries, but corporate marketing systems or even web hosting companies aren’t safe from being targeted by assailants. These security issues also spill over to 2021, and it’s more important […]

What is a Password Manager?

Passwords, passwords, passwords! Why does every site, app, or account need a password? And why do they all need to be complex, unique, or even encrypted? How is a normal person supposed to remember all these different credentials and still keep a grip on reality? Some have heard of an application called a password manager […]

The Benefits of Consolidating Your Hosting Infrastructure and IT Needs

As an organization in the 21st century, you’re going to have IT needs. Big, small, or somewhere in-between, your organization has systems that require hosting. As most organizations scale, they add new functionality and systems, which require integration, sometimes with legacy infrastructure. This can get extremely disorganized. Ask yourself the following questions: Are all your […]

A Complete Guide to Phishing Methods, Types, and Protection

What is Phishing? Phishing is the exploitation of any weaknesses, whether technologically or in humans, to gather personal and/or sensitive information from an individual or organization for fraudulent activities. The attacks are performed by impersonating a trusted entity, usually via email, telephone (vishing), or private messages (smishing).  Phishing will be looking to steal the following types […]