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13 Load Balancing Metrics to Monitor

Is your business looking to increase reliability and efficiency for infrastructure through load balancer monitoring in 2020? Whether its internal employees or potential customers visiting your site to find text, downloads, application data, images, or video, all of these assets are sitting on several cloud servers waiting to be requested. In some cases, websites can […]

How to Stay HIPAA Compliant While Employees Work Remote

Ever since the United States introduced the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in 1996, organizations that deal with health information have been greatly restricted in the way they store, transmit, and process data. Until recently, for example, nearly every company in the health industry knew not to use unsecured networks, unencrypted devices, and […]

Recommending the Right Hosting Provider to your Clients

As we see more and more companies establish or grow their online presence, there has been a proliferation of hosting providers vying to capture this growing demand. With so many providers advertising themselves as the “best,” it is important to know how to choose and recommend the right hosting provider to your clients. While the […]

Is High Availability Clustering Right For You?

In recent years, the idea of “high availability” infrastructure has gained more and more mindshare in the hosting space. But as with most technology, a common understanding or agreed definition is a little elusive. Especially around high availability clustering. In this piece, we will examine what High Availability Architecture actually is, what it is not, […]