How to Write a Small Business Shipping Policy

Shipping and return policies are vital to the bottom line of an eCommerce business. Many eCommerce stores create their small business shipping and return policies the way people sign their names after a credit card purchase — without much thought (and pretty much just because they have to). Not only do they impact purchasing decisions […]

Understanding the Google Analytics Attribution Model

Multi-channel marketing has become a dominant model of eCommerce because it lets you meet your audience where they live. But when sales are coming from multiple platforms, it’s hard to know which marketing channels are best at driving conversion. Attribution modeling lets you create a system for assigning conversion value to your sales channels. Normally, […]

How to Offer Free Shipping on Your WooCommerce Site

Everyone loves free shipping. It’s a great way to encourage customers to buy in the moment and helps you level the playing field against larger online stores. And if you’re hesitating, just remember that customers have a choice. When faced with a site adding a “$5 shipping charge” or one with “Free shipping included” which […]