As your business grows, having integrated data across all systems is crucial. Find out innovative tips and best practices for enterprise system integration.

The Best Cloud Trends for 2024 & the 5 Best Practices To Keep Up With Them

Find out the latest cloud trends, including multi cloud, hybrid cloud, serverless computing, artificial intelligence, and more.
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Refactoring Legacy Code: Everything You Need to Know About Code Refactoring

Do you want to learn about code refactoring? Find out the specifics from Liquid Web on refactoring legacy code and the cost implications.
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Problems With Legacy Systems: 5 Warning Signs and 4 Easy Ways To Secure Them

Worried about problems with legacy systems? Identify 5 warning signs and implement 4 fixes to secure your legacy software system.
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5 Best Tech Stacks You Need to Consider for 2024

Here are the best tech stacks your startup or business needs to consider using in 2024, including LAMP, MEAN, MERN, MEVN, and serverless.
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End-of-Life (EOL) Software: Definition, Risks, & Solutions

EOL means that software is not patched nor supported. Find out security issues and the solutions to secure your workloads using private cloud.
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An Overview of IT Architecture: Definition, Types, & Strategies

Find out what IT architecture is and the 3 absolute best IT architecture strategies are for 2023 for scaling SMBs and enterprises.
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An Overview of CRM Databases: Definition, Maintenance, & Integration

Discover what CRM is and how it can benefit your business. Find the best free software options with Liquid Web.
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