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Jake Fellows

Jake Fellows is the Sophisticated Hosting Product Manager for Liquid Web's Managed Hosting products and services. He has over 10 years experience involving several fields of the technology industry, including hosting, healthcare, and IT-system architecture. On his time off, he can be found in front of some form of screen enjoying movies, video games, or researching into one of his many technical side projects.

Decreasing Windows Licensing Costs With Multi-Tenant Private Cloud

Find out what a multi-tenant private cloud is and how you can use it to decrease Windows Server license cost in 2022 and beyond.
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Business Benefits of Virtual Data Centers using VMware

Find out the 10 benefits of virtual data centers using VMware and how to leverage your virtualization to its fullest potential.
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Multi-Tenant vs Single-Tenant VMware Private Cloud

Explore the pros and cons of multi-tenant vs single-tenant and how to choose the right setup for your infrastructure in this guide.
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What is Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)? How It Works & the Benefits

Find out what a virtual private cloud (VPC) is and what are the benefits of choosing it over other hosting solutions for your company.
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What is vRealize Operations Manager? A Comprehensive Overview

Find out how VMware vRealize Operations (vROps) helps IT administrators monitor and manage the health of their virtual environment.
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Make Your Business Scalable with VMware Private Cloud

Find out what VMware clusters are, how they work, and the difference between vertically scalable vs horizontally scalable infrastructure.
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Why Choose VMware Private Cloud for Your DevOps Environment

Choosing VMware Private Cloud is like hiring additional developers, but at a fraction of the cost. Find out why VMware is the best choice for DevOps.
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Single-Tenant Cloud vs Multi-Tenant Cloud: Which Is Right for You?

What is the difference between single-tenant and multi-tenant cloud architecture? Single-tenancy might be the better solution, find out why.
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What is a Hybrid Cloud?

Is hybrid cloud the best solution available? Let's start with what it is, the benefits of using hybrid cloud, and use cases for consideration.
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