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Since incorporating Hooks into React, developers have had a popular debate. They argue whether Hooks can be used to do what can already be done with Redux or if Hooks can replace the use of Redux entirely to handle the state management of a React app. Before comparing React Hooks vs Redux, it is important to clarify some concepts related to them to demystify how state management is conducted in a React App. 

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What is Formik?

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Creating forms in React or ReactJS can require a significant amount of code, depending on what you need and how you want to manage each form field. As a result, developers are always on the lookout for tools that make their lives easier. One such tool is Formik in React. Forms in React using Formik do a lot more with a lot less. We will discuss what Formik is and why you should use it for your web and mobile web applications. 

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What is MobX?

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Web application developers are often looking for effective ways of managing state in their applications. State management is an essential part of developing JavaScript (JS) applications, especially React and React Native applications. MobX is one of the many tools available to React developers for state management.

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In this tutorial, we will discuss three of the most popular javascript frameworks: React, Angular, and Vue. We will look at the pros and cons of each, their usage statistics, discussions about which one to choose, and which one should be studied for future use. Because programming languages and frameworks are all tools in a developers tool belt, and each has its place. It is worth learning tools you find meaningful, useful to accomplish a task that’s not only convenient, but is suitable for specific tasks. Again, we should remind ourselves that because these changes occur rapidly, after a year and a half a year, the situation can radically change.

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