How to Install AWSCLI – Object Storage CLI

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awscli is a python module that enables a user to interact with Storm Object Storage via the command line.

Storm Object Storage 101: Command Line
I. How to Install an Object Storage Command Line Interface (awscli)
II. How to Configure awscli for Use with Storm Object Storage
III. How to Use Basic awscli Commands with Storm Object Storage
Pre-Flight Check
  • These instructions are intended specifically for installing awscli, a tool for managing Storm Object Storage from the command line .
  • I’ll be working from a Liquid Web Core Managed CentOS 7 server, and I’ll be logged in as root.

Step 1: Verify Python is Later than Version 2.6.3

How to Check and Verify the Version of Python

Step 2: Verify That Pip is Installed

How to Install Pip on CentOS 7

Step 3: Install awscli

Let’s install awscli with Pip:

pip install awscli

If you’re upgrading an existing awscli installation, then use the –upgrade option:

pip install --upgrade awscli

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