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Premium Business Email Pricing FAQ

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Why are you increasing mailbox prices? 

As you know, with industry changes comes increasing costs of security software, larger storage capacity, and new product features. At times Liquid Web will absorb some costs, but sometimes they are inevitable. We hope you will see that we have aggressively priced our Premium Business Email to minimize your charges and remain competitive with market prices. 

What will the new Premium Business Email mailbox prices be?  

Your pricing will be based on the number of mailboxes on your account at the time of your billing.

Pricing effective May 26th, 2021

What about the monthly base fee?  

This fee will not change and will remain $10 per month. This monthly base fee applies to and includes unlimited domains, 24/7 management, and email migrations. 

When will this price take effect?  

Every customer has a different billing cycle. You will begin to see updated charges starting in June after your initial communication on this change.

Is there a cost for the additional add-ons?  

Yes, there is an additional cost for mobile sync, archiving, and cloud drive.

How do I see a list of current mailboxes? How do I remove mailboxes?

To view mailboxes:
  1. Navigate and log into your Email Control Panel.
  2. Click Mailboxes.
  3. Choose the domain in question.
  4. After you choose a domain, you will see a list of your current mailboxes.
To remove mailboxes:
  1. Navigate and log into your Email Control Panel.
  2. Click Mailboxes.
  3. Choose the domain in question.
  4. Next to the mailbox you want to remove, choose the drop-down menu.
  5. Then Delete Mailbox.

Will there be a disruption to my email?  

NO, there will not be a disruption in email service. The ability to send/receive within your email client or webmail interface will remain unchanged. 

Is your Premium Business Email product competitive? 

Yes, it is. If you compare this product to the ones in the market today, you’ll see that we’ve priced our offering low enough for this to also become your own revenue-generating opportunity. We have several robust email products to help you build your email reselling business.

Do I need to change any email account settings for my POP/IMAP users? 

No, settings will remain as is. There will not be any DNS or client side (Outlook, Webmail URL, etc.) changes required

How are my own clients impacted? 

Your end users will not be affected by this change

Is there any downtime for my users? 

No, your end users will not have any downtime associated during the upgrade. 

I want to resell your email. How can I get started?

You can contact our sales team at 1-844-806-4290, and we encourage you to check out our various email product offerings.

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