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Before you start using VMware Tools, knowing a thing or two about what VMware is would be wise. Based in California, VMware is a virtualization and cloud-computing company noted for being the first commercially successful company to virtualize the x86 architecture. There are many good business reasons to leverage the power of VMware.

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VMware’s virtualization products are an excellent solution for application development teams. Unfortunately, it is all too common for members of developer teams to proclaim something works on their machine when tests, bugs, or deployment issues inevitably crop up in a project. Virtualization offers a solution to these problems by allowing developers to code, test, and deploy their changes in a consistent environment.

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Downtime for any web professional leads to upset customers, management pressure, lost profits, and damages to a business’s reputation. VMware high availability (HA) with distributed resource scheduler (DRS) capabilities help to mitigate downtime while keeping all virtual machines (VMs) running optimally. We will discuss VMware HA and DRS and why you should choose VMware for any business.

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What is VMware vSphere?

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Virtualization is the go-to solution for organizations looking to maximize the performance of their available resources without increasing the associated costs. The ability to create and run one or more virtual instances of software applications or hardware-like servers and networking devices increases IT departments’ flexibility and ability to scale infrastructure based on business needs.

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Do you need to deploy new virtual machines (VMs) several times per day? Is the manual creation of each instance becoming tedious? If that is the case, then VMware templates are for you!

A VMware template is a master copy of a virtual machine and includes things like the:

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