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TypeScript is a typed superset of JavaScript that improves regular JavaScript with classes, interfaces, and optional static typing. Using TypeScript can improve developer efficiency and code quality for complex JavaScript applications. Regarding the TypeScript compiler, it can be launched with the tsc command, translating the TypeScript file into vanilla JavaScript. A ts configuration file is a project artifact required for TypeScript, allowing us to modify the compiler's behavior.

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Managing your suspended page in WHM

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This tutorial will show you how to manage your suspended accounts page in WHM. This page is the one shown to a visitor when attempting to access a domain of a suspended account. The default page used for this is fairly generic and for some this may not be ideal. By customizing this page you can create a more personal experience for your suspended cPanel accounts.

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Some web pages, webcams being an excellent example, require an automatic refresh in order to show the most recent information displayed by the page. Meta refresh tags make automatic page reloads a snap!

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